We have been moving desktops to the datacenter for over 16 years;
we're the inventor of Blade PCs; the FIRST PCoIP Zero Client; and the FIRST fiber TEMPEST LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Zero Client Bundles.

  • Zero client, 24" display, keyboard, mouse
  • USA NSTISSAM-1-92 Level 1
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A
  • PCoIP VMware-ready
Snoop-proof TEMPEST Level 1 and 2 zero clients that eliminate PCs from the work areas. Connect to VMware virtual machines or Blade PCs in the datacenter so that no sensitive data is in the work area.

From two leading security companies collaborating on the most affordable, best
performing TEMPEST Level 1 zero client desktop computing solution available today
TEMPEST Zero Client

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For more information on the ClearCube TEMPEST zero client Level 1 and Level 2 bundle solutions,
call us at 866-652-3500 to speak with a ClearCube sales representative today.