Top 5 Workloads That Should be Moved to the Cloud Right Now

What is a Cloud Workload?  A cloud workload is the amount of work or applications that can be run on a private network. As our world adopts more virtualization, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and improved technology, companies are aiming to move higher percentages of workloads to the cloud. Decision makers have begun to accept that our work environment may never return to the same … Read more

Thin Clients vs Thick Clients

As the trend of taking on companywide virtual transformations becomes more popular and necessary, many companies are faced with the daunting task of deciding what type of endpoint device is best suited to meet their needs and create the best virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for their business. This selection is far from simple as decision makers are faced with an abundance of variables that they … Read more

How To Manage VDI Provisioning

How to Manage VDI Provisioning

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure hosts a desktop instance on a centralized server in a data center that users can access over a secure network with an endpoint. There are many devices to choose from, including Thin Client solutions, Zero Clients, laptops, tablets, and so on. This simplified desktop management platform offers users an isolated environment in … Read more

Empower Your Employees to Work From Home

Empower Your Employees to Work From Home

COVID-19 is undoubtedly affecting the way we do business all around the world, and organizations are developing remote work strategies to remain competitive and efficient. With metropolitan areas on lock down, working from home has become the new norm, and it brings a number of advantages. According to a FlexJobs report, 80% of remote workers … Read more

ClearCube Solidifies Work-From-Home Solutions by Launching Three New Low-Cost Thin Clients

ClearCube Solidifies Work-From-Home Solutions by Launching Three New Low-Cost Thin Clients

Powerful, secure, and versatile Thin Clients optimized to ensure business continuity during COVID-19 CEDAR PARK, TX, April 02, 2020 — All Media For Immediate Release ClearCube® Technology, Inc., a leading virtualization company to clear the end user’s cube of clutter, noise, and heat with custom designed and engineered solutions, today announced the launch of three … Read more

Thin Client Configuration Guide

Thin Client Configuration Guide

You have decided to adopt virtual desktop solutions and now have an important decision to make. How do you connect to VDI? There are five options to choose from, and we shall explore each briefly.  Thin Client This compact, flexible, and low-cost device is very popular because of the many business benefits it brings. These … Read more

Linux Thin Clients vs. Windows 10 IoT Thin Clients

Linux Thin Clients vs. Windows 10 IoT Thin Clients

Linux Thin Client Server Tech-savvy or not, you have probably heard about how Linux provides a desktop operating system with vast settings and configurations. It was the natural choice for companies that sought something unique in an OS. When we talk about its Thin Client approach, Linux allows businesses to set up workstations with minimum … Read more

Thin Client Myths: Is it Time to Embrace the Technology Now?

Thin Client Myths - Is it time to embrace the technology now

In the past decade, thin client computing has played a pivotal role in improving IT infrastructure. The model helps in driving efficiency, reducing cost, and enhancing mobility. Research on Global Thin Client Market by IDC revealed that organizations are deploying thin clients to save costs otherwise incurred by managing and maintaining PCs. However, the adoption … Read more

What is a Thin Client, Uses and Benefits?

What is a Thin Client, its Uses and Benefits?

Thin Clients are compact devices with few moving parts and locally stored programs. They connect to servers to perform compute roles and run remote display protocols to access hard drives in secure data centers. This process instantly delivers virtual applications and desktops to end users. Thin Client technology is widely regarded as an effective virtual … Read more

Security Benefits Of Thin Client Devices

Security Benefits of Thin Client Devices

The Age of VDI Clients The first Thin Clients were designed to address the cost, complexity and management challenges of standard IT setups. Today, their use cases go beyond these as companies are always looking for new ways to harness their potential. So, what is a Thin Client device and what makes it so appealing … Read more

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