Manufacturing & Construction

Minimize Downtime and Maximize Production.
Increase Efficiency and Power for Applications

Efficient, Durable

Easy to use infrastructure is a prerequisite before you invest in software and workstations. Our proucts are rugged, tough, and industrial strength to withstand harsh environments and are customizable and optimized to handle inventory software, ERPs, and never go down.

Cost Effective, Easy to Deploy

Our plug and play solutions make it an easy decision when it comes to implementing a centralized desktop infrastructure in your facility or warehouse.

Reliable and Robust

Factories and construction companies require a computing environment that is highly reliable, flexible, and robust. This allows them to deliver dependable assistance and situational awareness on every occasion while optimizing the operators’ environment for high-performance under stressful situations.

Centralized Blade PCs and Thin Clients mean systems are always available.

ClearCube has helped some of the factories and manufacturing facilities resolve their critical availability, maintenance, and security concerns, using our purpose-built, rack-mounted blade PCs and workstations to centralize all computing assets in a single location.

How We Serve

Manufacturing and Construction

Centralized management is critical to uptime, recovery, and performance. With thin clients or zero clients on the warehouse floor and the workstation computer in the data center, IT resources now have direct and immediate access to software and applications to immediately troubleshoot to increase the life of hardware and decrease costs.

ClearCube can help you lower operating costs by eliminating inadvertent gaps that allow viruses and malware and provide increased security. Fan-less features also mean longer lifespans on hardware and decreased energy waste.

Front Right View Thin Client CD8840
Front Right View Thin Client CD8840

Effortless Remote Management

Most important in a manufacturing or industrial setting is standardization. Making sure that automation and processes are standardized across the floor AND across multiple locations are some of the hardest things to control. Centralizing workstations into the data center and issuing thin clients and zero clients in a closer step to management ensuring this effort.

High Resolution Multi-Monitor Support

Peripheral support is important when selecting an endpoint device. Depending on where you are deploying your units you may need PoE (power over ethernet), wireless connectivity (imagine a thin client installed on a cart or lift), and USB ports for things like barcode scanners.

Reliability with Low Power Consumption

Access to power may be limited and ClearCube units can be customized and combined with some of our accessories to work around power consumption needs.

Case Studies

“Selecting technology is a very difficult process that must be balanced with user need and the total cost of ownership. For the Operating Room arena, we wanted to deliver a technology robust enough to handle any application, meet the standards of epidemiology and be remotely supported.” ClearCube delivered.

Ed Fisher, CIO,
The William W. Backus Hospital

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