Training and Education

As schools, remote learning and continuing education become more of an expected and necessary way of life, thin clients and data center solutions become critical.

Reliable Remote

Worried about computers crashing, browsers freezing, or hardware that is dated or fragile? Thin clients and zero clients are cheaper and more rugged than your typical PC. All of the software is controlled back in the data center so 'down time' is minimal and in control of administrators.


Zero clients are 100% immune to viruses and malware and thin clients do not allow users to download onto the device. Users cannot delete critical files by accident and administrators control what users can access.

Simple, Easy to Deploy

Zero clients and thin clients are easy to deploy for users and ClearCube can make them 'plug and play' ready. While data centers may have a larger up front cost, over the course of 2-3 years the scalability cost is more affordable than typical PCs.

Convenience for learning

Whether you are installing a new learning lab or creating a hybrid remote infrastructure, zero clients and thin clients are convenient. Because of the individual cost of end user devices being cheaper, theft and destruction of property is of lower concern allowing administration to focus on critical software updates and productivity.

The highly flexible and customizable solutions allow for public and private institutions, higher learning and education and training environments to spend their budget where they need to according to appropriations.

How We Serve

Training and Education

Consistency is key for productivity and learning environments. When the desktop experience is controlled by the instructors and administrators, students and learning can focus on what really matters.

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Effortless Remote Management

A lot of time is wasted and lost when students and users have to trouble shoot software updates and upgrades or learn how to navigate around programs and applications that aren't needed. IT and administration now has control over every user's experience in the centralized data center.

Multiple Systems

Mix and Match your systems depending on who is using and where you deploy and implement applications. School districts may have different needs depending on age, grade, and users.

Economical with Low Power Consumption

Budgeting for additional end user devices, virus protection, IT and user management and instruction and end of life on hardware are all additional budgetary and accounting costs that add up quickly. ClearCube has custom options to help curb those costs.

Case Studies

Due to the call center’s increased volume, managing and maintaining a distributed PC environment had become cost-prohibitive. Individual PCs needed to be repaired directly at the desktop, and a system failure could equal 30 to 60 minutes of downtime for the affected user. “Every minute that a customer service agent’s computer was unavailable, they were unable to take payments,” says Quiroga. “The calls would then become queued, operations would back up, and our clients’ customers waited longer to complete their calls.”

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