ClearCube®, Adtech Global Look to Ruggedize Blade PCs, Zero Clients

AUSTIN, TX – March 25, 2013 — All Media For Immediate Release

ClearCube Technology and Adtech Global today announced a joint partnership to pursue projects needing ruggedized computing platforms for mobile, tactical, and combat-ready deployments.

Both companies, along with a Fortune 500 Federal Systems Integrator, recently completed a project to provide secure computing platforms for training simulation for the US Military.

The value of ClearCube Technology/Adtech Global’s joint partnership is to meet field deployment challenges that require ruggedized designs that incorporate security, high availability, and space-savings. These customers include emergency responders, tactical operations centers, shipboard and military users and others that require mil spec equipment for harsh environments.

Adtech Global’s strength is in customizing core technologies such as ClearCube’s Blade PC and VDI compute/storage components to meet the field challenges presented by weight, dust, moisture, movement, and other harsh elements that can adversely affect computer operations in the field.

ClearCube Technology specializes in manufacturing high density centralized and virtualized desktop computing platforms that connect to zero client devices over Ethernet.  Zero clients are stateless, with no operating system, memory, or storage, so they are ideal for supporting emergency responders, command center operators, and military personnel with access to classified information that need to deploy quickly in the field.

Because no data is on the zero clients, in extremely hazardous situations such as a firefight, zero clients can be left behind without the worry of a security breach.  The data source typically remains in the Humvee or emergency vehicle, which can quickly exit the combat scene.

Read the Case Study Here.

Adtech Global (Now Verint) designs and builds unique, total hardware solutions to complement our customers’ core competencies. Providing engineering and manufacturing services to hundreds of our customers worldwide, Adtech Global is proven to meet customers’ demands for cost-efficient hardware appliances with an emphasis on quality processes.  Through relationships with key hardware providers like ClearCube, Adtech Global can leverage preferred pricing and technical insight into new product offerings to guarantee our customers receive the best solution for the lowest total cost.

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