ClearCube Announces CD7014 ZERO+ Client with CAC Reader and Fiber Connectivity

CD7014 ZERO+ Client enhances traditional zero client security and supports multiple remote connection protocols.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 27, 2018 — All Media For Immediate Release

ClearCube® Technology, Inc. today announced the release of a new zero client with enhanced data security provisions for connectivity to remote virtual machines and traditional computers. The new ClearCube CD7014 ZERO+ Client provides all the benefits of ClearCube Zero Clients with virus-proof, no-app firmware; an integrated CAC reader; fiber network connectivity; and built-in support for multiple remote connection protocols.

The CD7014 ZERO+ Client adds an integrated CAC (Common Access Card) reader and fiber-optic network connectivity to the ZERO+ line of secure clients. The integrated PKI approved CAC reader supports 5V, 3V, and 1.8V smart cards for enhanced user-to-network and user-to-application authentication in military and government environments, or other applications where data security is critical. The new 100/1000 BASE-X SFP fiber-optic network module (with LC optical interface) provides added data transmission security and integrity compared to typical copper Ethernet cabling.

With the AMD® GX-215JJ Dual-Core Embedded SoC (system on chip), Radeon R2E graphics core with 2 compute units, H.264 decoder, and up to 4 GB DDR4L SO-DIMM RAM, the CD7014 ZERO+ Client provides 4K multimedia even in virtual desktop deployments. Task and knowledge workers can use the CD7014 with two dual-mode DisplayPort++ displays for office work in 4K resolution (3840 × 2160), and view 1920 × 1080 full-motion video on two displays. An optional WLAN module (Wi-Fi 2.4G and 5G, Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.1) enables employees to make full use of their systems even when installed in areas without LAN connectivity.

ZERO+ Clients provide users with comprehensive, multi-layered security. “The CD7014 ZERO+ Client takes our secure ZERO+ Client family and adds features that make it even more secure,” said Doug Layne, Global Vice President of Sales at ClearCube Technology. “We’ve taken the fiber-optic connectivity and integrated CAC reader options that have been so successful in our thin client and zero client lines and made the ZERO+ Client family meet even more critical customer needs,” he said.

Performance and security are enhanced by the on-board, 4-GB eMMC storage media. eMMC storage replaces traditional SATA DOMs and is integrated into the zero client in a secure, non-removable package that is reflow soldered directly to the CD7014 circuit board. ZERO+ Clients improve data and hardware security in any environment by eliminating removable media and hosting the minimal zero client system in volatile memory—which only maintains data while the device is powered on. This minimizes opportunities for theft and misuse of data and zero clients. Deployment options also include network booting the CD7014, rather than installing an operating system on the device, for traditional zero client security.

CD7014 ZERO+ Clients use ClearCube’s Cloud Desktop firmware. ClearCube’s Cloud Desktop platform simplifies zero client deployments and minimizes the complexities of and risks of switching to VDI environments. The Cloud Desktop platform makes it fast and easy for organizations of all sizes to immediately benefit from VDI client computing. Organizations can use Cloud Desktop at all stages of VDI deployments—from re-purposing existing desktops as thin clients, to powering ZERO+ Clients.

ClearCube’s Cloud Desktop Management solution provides Administrators with a browser-based interface for client grouping, client configuration inheritance, and automatic client updates over the network. Centralizing client management with Cloud Desktop Management enables Administrators to reduce costs, improve asset management, accelerate application deployment, and much more.

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> Download CD7014 ZERO+ Client Datasheet

About ClearCube Technology

ClearCube Technology, an American manufacturer, is a recognized technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization markets. ClearCube develops specialized VDI thin and zero clients that connect to optimized SmartVDI compute/storage host platforms for task/knowledge users and PCoIP Blade PCs for power and highly-specialized users. End points include Raspberry Pi thin clients, x86-based thin clients in a variety of configurations, VMware Blast Extreme ZERO+ clients, TEMPEST zero clients, copper/fiber connected clients, and multi-level security zero clients. ClearCube has developed and deployed thousands of high performance remote workstations that power trading floors, network operations centers, and command and control rooms around the globe. ClearCube’s widespread adoption at thousands of federal and commercial locations is based on our ability to meet cost savings and security requirements for all use cases involving centralization and virtualization initiatives.

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