Post Warranty Repair Important Information

The Post Warranty Repair program provides a means for customers to obtain repairs for ClearCube products with expired warranties. For a service fee, we will inspect your equipment and determine whether or not it is repairable. Equipment that cannot be repaired can be returned to you or disposed of, according to your instructions. The details of the Post Warranty Repair (PWR) program are as follows:
  • Complete the order form below to initiate the PWR process. The analysis or service fee of $100 in US and $125 International is non-refundable and covers the return shipment expense.
  • A valid PO or credit card is required for the full repair amount to initiate the PWR process. Invoicing will apply once we ship returned items from the Service Center. Total price does not include sales tax. This will be listed on your payment confirmation notice.
  • Each item to be repaired must be listed individually on the online order form. ClearCube will provide a packing slip matching the items.
  • Customer is responsible for properly packing the complete item and the shipping expense to ClearCube. It is best to ship items in their original boxes. ClearCube packing materials can be sent to customer in advance and will be added to the billing form below. Please see the pricing list below for more information.
  • Boxes shipped to ClearCube must be clearly marked with the PWR number on the top and two sides of the box.
  • Turnaround time for repairs is up to 20 business days from the time we receive the item at our Service Center.
  • Item(s) will be returned to the customer freight pre-paid.
  • If the item is unable to be repaired, ClearCube Technology will either return or dispose of the used item at the customers’ request.
  • Repaired items are guaranteed for 90 days from return ship date to customer.

ClearCube Support

Toll Free: 866-652-3400
Local: 512-652-3400

*Some locations outside of the US may need to dial the local number listed above to reach the support group

ClearCube Warranty Datasheet

ClearCube Warranty Overview

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