Engineering Services

ClearCube handles everything from professional consultations to find the best solution for your unique business needs, to diagnosing and remediating unique integration and configuration challenges.

Endless Possibilities

Configuration Testing & Validation

Looking at purchasing our products, but not sure if they will hold up in your environment? With this service ClearCube will validate your use-case with our hardware before purchasing.

Dedicated Resources

We can devote time to helping your business because we are a boutique agency. Many of the large-box retailers have to meet quotas and fill pipelines. Because we are a small business we MAKE it our business to fill this need in the marketplace.

Hardware Built to Specification

For every IT problem there is a ClearCube solution. If you can’t find the hardware solution you need for your deployment, don’t worry: we’ll build it for you. Our engineering team is ready to work closely with you to help you meet your unique requirements. Some of our custom solutions include:

• Hardware built to specifications
• Multi-Level security clients
• Camouflage coating
• Anti-Zinc whisker coating

Use-Case Analysis & Hardware Consultation

Determining what hardware best fits your use-case is difficult. At ClearCube we have decades of shared experience solving the most complex hardware problems for some of the World’s largest organizations. Involving us in your project brings those years of experience to the table.

Request a Consultation

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