Our Inventory and fulfillment services help you combine hardware inventory, sales, and purchase data to streamline your workflows so you can save time and allocate your resources on growth.

Inventory Fulfillment

With our services, you can easily improve your stock control as well as supply chain management. Ship your products quickly and affordably from our strategically located warehouse in the US and improve your overall customer experience.

Endless Possibilities

Pre-Shipment Information

Streamline your deployment process with ClearCube pre-shipment information service. We help you prepare your environment for a smoother implementation and reduce deployment time by providing you detailed information about the product before it leaves our warehouse. This information includes the ability to scan serial numbers, MAC addresses, asset tag numbers, among others.

Consigned Stock

Our team assembles your products and conducts testing to ensure proper functionality before storing them in our warehouse. You retain ownership over your consigned stock, prepared for deployment to you or your customers on-demand for logistics convenience. We initiate a replenishment request based on current inventory levels and customer forecasts to ensure that you always stay on track. Contact us for more information.

Drop Shipping

Minimize startup risk, lower product, storage, and logistics costs and increase your profit with our drop shipping service. The process is simple, forward your order directly to us, and our team will fulfill, pack, and ship them from our facilities in the US directly to the customer on your behalf.

Blind Drop Shipping

This service enables you to have orders sent directly to your customers with your company’s identification and address in case of return shipping. A custom packing slip will be included with your company’s logo and contact information.

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