Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure with ClearCube

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What is VDI?

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure with ClearCube

Virtualized Computing For Business

"Computers" are located in a virtual data center and users access these computers through the 'cloud'. Employees need to have access to essential programs and applications on a computer but need to be remote. Ideal for companies who want and need to retain control of the 'computer' for proprietary reasons.
Examples: Engine Control Room on Oil Rigs, Banking, Financial, and Insurance Companies, Marketing, Designers, and Engineers, Education,

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

Turn your internal network and centralized data center into your own private cloud to avoid the ‘pay as you go’ fees. For companies that have a high bandwidth of data and programs for their employees, public cloud service fees can quickly grow out of control. With PCoIP you can implement a virtualized desktop infrastructure so you employees can go remote and your company still has the same security and data protection.

Today’s users are expecting more as the digital ecosystem continues to evolve. From applications and desktops to seamless anywhere, anytime data access – on any device they have at hand – modern users need it all. IT organizations across industries are also constantly on the lookout for a comprehensive solution that offers complete coverage: virtual desktops, data, applications, and devices.

VDI Benefits

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

Flexible and Versatile

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) suite guarantees business agility by featuring custom designed and engineered solutions that leverage simple strategies to solve complex IT challenges. We deliver more using less by enabling enterprises to manage IT consumerization and meet demands surrounding mobility.

Centralized Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

Consolidate Resources

Enterprises receive faster network closets, better virtual workload delivery mechanisms, dynamic content redirection and management, as well as incredible flexibility around security and compliance.


Simplify Desktop Maintenance

If you supervise a distributed PC environment and want to prepare for the future of work, your approach is a no-go. You need centralization, security, efficiency, high availability, and manageability, all at once.

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