The industry's most secure remote access desktop computers are ClearCube Blade PCs.
  • ClearCube Blade PCs possess the power to transform your desktop computing strategies to meet all your business goals.
  • PCoIP Blade PC performance is off the charts when it comes to processing speed and will satisfy every power computer user in your organization.
  • No system offers a more secure desktop architecture which is why thousands of Government and Defense organizations around the world trust ClearCube PCoIP Blade PCs and Zero Clients.
  • Designed-in flexibility configurable to just the right level of CPU power and GPU performance to meet stringent budgets with an uncompromising user experience.
  • Five 9’s (99.999%) reliability means virtually no unplanned downtime.

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R-Series R3082D,High Density Platform  
A-Series A6106H, Enhanced GPU Support 
M-Series M1022W / M1024W Engineering Workstations
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