Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Professionals need equipment to be fast, consistent, and reliable.

Data Security

Patient record protection and HIPAA compliance are mandatory in today's healthcare environment. Privacy and compliance shouldn't have to be something you worry about. Zero clients with secure encryption of data ensure that data stays secure.

Efficient and Effective

With patient information stored in a centralized data center, electronic health records can now be backed up in a central repository so doctors can share information as needed and preserve the integrity of the data. This means that no matter what clinic a traveling doctor is at or if a specialist is working from home; the information is available.

Tough and Flexible

Clinics and hospitals create a harsh and hazardous environment and the end user devices need to withstand the day to day use. Thin clients and zero clients are cheaper than typical PC devices but offer the same desktop experience.

Simplify the tech and management for your staff

Hospital rooms and waiting rooms are small and need to shift quickly. Thin clients and zero clients take up minimal space and have a small footprint but allow doctors and clinicians to utilize and access high graphics and large applications.

By centralizing the workstations in the data center, IT management can now maintain critical updates, create secure backups to prevent data loss, and make sure users have access to what they need when they need it; keeping downtime to a minimum.

How We Serve

Clinics and Hospitals

The ClearCube solution, through its use of centralized desktop infrastructure and zero clients, solves space and security challenges by providing a HIPAA standard; reliable IT solution.

We ensure a consistent experience across workplaces, increase security with centralized control, and reduce the cost associated with supporting diverse user groups. Powerful endpoint OS and management solutions manage roll-outs to thousands of machines, with enough flexibility to tackle the mixed environment in a VDI setup. This may consist of laptops, PCs, Thin Clients, and smart devices including Intel NUC Mini PCs, Raspberry Pis, and the Citrix stack.

Front Right View Thin Client CD8842, CD8844
Front Right View Thin Client CD8842, CD8844

Effortless Remote Management

Increase tele-health or in-home health deliverability by utilizing zero or thin clients in combination with blade server workstations in the data center. Stay flexible with ClearCube's combinations.

Fewer Devices with Seamless Application Integration

ClearCube's goal is to seamlessly connect employees and healthcare to programs and protected data using fewer "Clear the Cube!" We want to make sure that there is flawless delivery of applications that hospitals and clinics need.

Reliable, Secure, with Lower Power Consumption

Maintain compliance and thwart cybersecurity attacks with zero or thin clients. Because the devices require less power consumption, they can be deployed and operated in more convenient locations to maintain little to no disruption for employees.

Case Studies

Outfit Clark Memorial Hospital and remote clinics and new mobile computing devices with an IT system that delivers high uptime levels and simple manageability while complying with HIPAA regulations

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