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Fit 10 blade server workstations in 6u, switch between multiple security level networks, or expand your usb ports

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Whether you are trying to optimize your central computing environment, looking to launch a virtual desktop or searching for software solutions, ClearCube can help you find the right products and accessories to make your business or agency more intuitive and efficient. It is important for your accessories to be compatible to take advantage of security and speed to ensure successful deployment.

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100Base-FX Fiber SFP Transceiver

Fiber SFP Module 100Base FX

100Base FX Fiber Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Module.

1000Base-SX Fiber SFP Transceiver

Fiber SFP Module 1000Base SX

1000Base SX Fiber Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Module.

10/100/1000Base-TX Copper SFP

Copper SFP Module 1000Base-T

1000Base-T Copper Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Module.

Front View A3100 Chassis for Blade PC

A3100 Chassis

High Rack Density, 10 Blades in 6U. Individual blades can be added or removed from the chassis without affecting the operation of others.

Front Right View R4300 Chassis

R4300 Chassis

Centralized 3U chassis that houses eight R-Series Blade PCs. A standard 42U, 19-inch rack can hold as many as 14 chassis, for a total of 112 single-user Blade PCs.

C3Pi+ VESA Mount Kit

C3Pi+ VESA Mount Kit

Multiple configuration mounting solution for ClearCube® C3Pi-series thin clients based on Raspberry Pi® Model B+

ClientCube Desktop Control Unit Remote Front View

ClientCube Desktop Control Unit

Switch between all your multiple security level zero clients and networks with this elegant small desktop control unit.

Front Angle Digital Fiber Transceiver

Digital Fiber Transceiver

Convert copper signals from R-Series or A-Series blades into fiber optic signals for transmission to the user’s desktop.

Mounting Bracket for Zero Client Right Side View

Metal Clients Mounting Bracket

Ease of installation, versatility and strength key to design of ClearCube Zero Client Universal Mounting brackets

Front View Metal Client 7 Port USB Module

Metal Clients 7 Port USB

Zero client module provides up to 12 USB ports for use cases requiring many devices and secure, integrated USB ports.

Side View Zero Client with DVD Player / Carriage Tray

Metal Clients DVD/RW Drive

Engineered for Information Rich Environments Requiring External DVD Player Capabilities

USB-C Cable Thunderbolt

USB-C Cable

Providing speeds up to 40Gbps.

ClearCube Client Device Drawer Front

Client Drawer

A secure, rack mounted solution for up to 10 endpoints in a 4U chassis. Engineered to provide ease of installation and superior serviceability; allowing IT administrators to manage each client without having to remove it from the drawer.

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