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Designed to meet increasingly stringent security mandates for desktop computing devices.

For high security sites, ClearCube has developed a family of KVM Solutions that includes four multiple level security ClientCube Zero Clients.

We adapt advanced technology and standard, off-the-shelf products to meet unique customer requirements. Examples of specialized ClearCube Zero Client features include: ClientCube multi-level security solution Various configurations Single Power Cord Remote mounting option & DCU

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ClientCube Desktop Control Unit Remote Front View

ClientCube Desktop Control Unit

Switch between all your multiple security level zero clients and networks with this elegant small desktop control unit.

Front View ClientCube Secure

KVM Solution ClientCube Secure

All-in-one unit integrates stateless zero client devices with Emerson’s NIAP approved secure KVM switch to create a multi-network workstation.

Front Right View ClientCube NET 2 KVM Solution

ClientCube NET 2 KVM Solution

Small-footprint Multiple Level Security Domain Switch solution for two networks.

NET-4 Front Angle View ClientCube KVM Solution

ClientCube NET 4 KVM Solution

Multiple independent levels of security networks integrated into one device at the desktop. Supports dual monitor of to four networks from one power cord.

Front Left View NET-4Q

ClientCube NET 4Q KVM Solution

Quad-display NSA/NIAP-certified KVM in Zero Client enclosure. Supports Quad Monitor and up to four networks from one power cord. Line of sight separation from the data center to the desk.

Front Left View ClientCube KM NET 4 Solution

ClientCube KM NET 4 Solution

Seamlessly switch between safely isolated networks and connected systems just by moving your mouse. Supports up to 16 monitors.

Front View ClientCube NET 8 KVM Solution

ClientCube NET 8 KVM Solution

Ultra-secure, NIAP-certified KVM and CAC switching with remote control and physical separation for up to 8 networks.

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