Making Remote Work Secure

Secure Endpoint Devices and Solutions for a Complete Virtual Desktop Experience

Our products are easy to set up and deploy, scalable, work with popular clouds like AWS and Citrix, or we can help you create your own ‘cloud’ via your centralized data center. We can help empower your business to make sure your company or agency is prepared with everything from endpoint devices to end-user knowledge.
Our goal is to help businesses ‘clear their cube’.

What Are You Looking For

Businesses and government agencies trust ClearCube Technology to help secure their data by providing endpoint solutions like zero clients, thin clients, and workstation computers. We can help your employees work from anywhere and maintain continuity while staying secure and reliable whether you are centralizing the desktop or going remote with a virtual desktop.

Remote Work Bundles

Empower your employees and transition to secure work from home with a remote workspace.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Find our what your company needs to implement a centralized cloud and use a virtual desktop.

Find the Right Device

Compare a zero client, thin client, mini PC and workstation to see what level of security and type of device your company needs.

Industries We Serve

Our Products Can Be Deployed in a Variety of Companies and Agencies

Access your virtual desktop from any device, anywhere using our zero clients, thin clients and virtual desktop solutions. We provide secure endpoint options and are experts in providing data center and cloud solutions to businesses and government agencies.

Private Contract, Department of Defense, National Security

Local, State, and Federal Government, Corp of Engineers

Tactical Operations, Command Posts, Critical Operations, Control Centers

Proprietary Information, Intellectual Property, Architecture

Clinics, Hospitals, Health Technology, Dentists, Veterinary

Wallstreet, Banks, Investment Firms, Property Management, Real Estate

Refineries, Production, E&P, Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream

A smart and secure way to invest and scale

About ClearCube Technology

Thin client and zero client computing offers the cost-savings advantages of server-based computing without sacrificing user experience. It is a great way for small and medium businesses to leverage server power without having to purchase expensive hardware.


ClearCube focuses on affordable custom secure solutions to help companies and agencies transition and migrate to a hybrid or complete virtual desktop solution using a central data center or cloud.

Industry Insights

The Benefits of Virtual Desktop Solutions

The Benefits of Virtual Desktop Solutions

Introduction Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) involves facilitating access to a user desktop in a virtual machine (VM) that runs on

Top 5 Workloads That Should be Moved to the Cloud Right Now

Top 5 Workloads That Should be Moved to the Cloud Right Now

What is a Cloud Workload?  A cloud workload is the amount of work or applications that can be run

Thin Clients vs Thick Clients

Thin Clients vs Thick Clients

As the trend of taking on companywide virtual transformations becomes more popular and necessary, many companies are faced with

What Other Companies Have to Say

Air Armament Testimonial Logo

Senior Engineer

“ClearCube delivered security, manageability, and space savings at the desk. This is an optimized solution for us. With PC Blades, everything is all in one place.” — SENTEL, OFP CTF, Eglin AFB

City of Little Rock Logo for Testimonial

Fleet Operations Manager

“ClearCube is a great partner that follows through and allows my guys to concentrate on core issues, not PCs!" — Fleet Services Department, City of Little Rock

Morgan Stanley Logo for Testimonial

Morgan Stanley

“We liked how the ClearCube solution would enable both our traders and support staff to have their desktops remotely managed from anywhere in the world.” — Executive Director and Technology Project Manager

Air Force Materiel Command Logo for Testimonial

Chief Information Officer

“The ClearCube technology provides an outstanding environment to work in and to support.”— 75th MDSS/SGSIHill AFB Air Force Materiel Command

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