Blade PC Benefits

Eliminate PCs from your workspace.

PCs are open to security breaches, annoyingly hot and noisy, and hard to manage and service.

Try a better alternative.

Blade PCs and zero clients.

Your normal PC-related woes disappear.

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A6106H Blade PCs deliver uncompromised performance from your secure datacenter over distance to silent, tiny, stateless zero clients at your desktops. Zero clients support up to four displays, have no memory, OS or local storage, and are so secure they are used by financial trading floors, NSA and other intelligence agencies.

Featuring Intel Core i7, i5 processors and NVIDIA GPUs, A6106H Blade PCs run 3D graphics (such as Google Earth), video streams and high performance applications with a remote desktop experience that is lightning fast. Power users, senior leadership, engineers, analysts, designers rave about their improved desktop workspace. Administrators appreciate their better managed resources and reduction in desktop security worries. Everyone wins!

Blade PCs help you take back control of where your data resides.
Rest easy.

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