ClearCube Blade PCs and Zero Clients prevent this "Insider Threat Vector" COMPLETELY.

Worried about data security? Stolen laptops? Missing hard drives? Data extraction on USB thumb drives?

Here’s the simple solution.

Locate your PCs in your secure datacenter where you have ABSOLUTE CONTROL -- and STILL get desktop performance using zero clients as good as or better than you’re used to.

Plus, blade PCs and zero clients are:

  • Less expensive to support and maintain
    • No OS
    • No software patching
    • No endpoint antivirus patching
    • Fewer support calls – eliminate desk-side tech support visits
  • Have decreased downtime
  • Lower power consumption
  • Lengthened productive lifecycle
  • And, no new training requirements
Simply, all the best security aspects of virtualization without the headaches and risks.

Take a giant step in your organizations cybersecurity position with Zero Clients at the desktop. Call us today for a free quote to help you eradicate your insider threats.

Please call 1-866-652-3500.

Thank you from the ClearCube Sales Team!


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