Engineering and design firms are often targets for data and intellectual property theft by lost or stolen laptops or portable hard drives, insider access to unsecured data, unencrypted file transfers, and unmanaged USB ports.

  • Supports up to dual 8- core Xeon processors
  • 60 frames per second (300 megapixels per second)
  • Integrated PCoIP host adapters
  • Eliminate large file transfer delays
  • Support NVIDIA Quadro K5000 and K6000
  • Reduced IT support burden
  • Work remotely without performance compromise
Recent technology enhancements by ClearCube address these key security issues by moving the desktops to the datacenter.

Roughly 90% of all breaches can be avoided through the use of zero clients as desktop endpoints that remotely access datacenter secured high performance rack mounted Blade PCs and Engineering Workstations. In this architecture all sensitive corporate data and IP is safely secured in an access-controlled datacenter. Only AES256-bit encrypted pixel data is transferred to the desktop displays--no sensitive data is ever stored at the desktops. No more data-bearing hardware to be stolen or lost and no more insider access to unsecured data.

Additionally, ClearCube Blade PCs and Zero clients have highly configurable, policy-based USB port enablement and disablement capabilities.No more unmanaged USB port for the insertion of computer viruses or the use of a mass storage device for unauthorized data transfers.

Engineering workstationsAll this additional security and incredible performance PLUS new remote access capabilities.

ClearCube Blade PCs and Engineering Workstations provide stunning full graphics performance over distance from secure remotely accessed engineering workstations and instantaneous response for 3D modeling and simulations with no processing delays or large file over LAN transport latencies.


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