We have been moving desktops to the datacenter for over 16 years;
we're the inventor of Blade PCs; the FIRST PCoIP Zero Client; and a specialist in VMware-ready SmartVDI.

  • Delivering projects below budget
  • Using COTS products
  • Zero client desktops assure security
  • Support for multiple domain networks
  • Dedicated and shared GPU solutions
  • Rapid deployment
For any project, in any environment, ClearCube will provide the most secure zero or thin client remote access computing platform available anywhere. And, we bring levels of service and responsiveness you seldom get from giant companies.
As a Program Officer, you are tackling IT infrastructure modernization, desktop virtualization, multiple domain security challenges, migrating from Sun Rays, migrating from Windows XP, or moving to the cloud. Your mission matters to us because our success depends on your success.

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For more information on the ClearCube Zero and Thin Clients, Blade PCs, and SmartVDI solutions,
call us at 866-652-3500 to speak with a ClearCube sales representative today.