Power Users push themselves, those around them and most definitely their tools.

R Series Blade PCsEvery company has Power Users. The key producers in the growth of their business who create and maintain the corporate competitive advantage.They are engineers, warfighters, intelligence analysts, designers, and managers who shoulder responsibility for generating business value and protecting the future of your enterprise.

Gain similar benefits of virtualization without the recurring training and licensing costs.

Give them the best secure desktop tools available. In A Series Blade PCsaddition to empowering them your organization gets higher security, improved end-user productivity with 99.999% up-time, lower operational costs. Plus you increase IT efficiency, with no new special support skills required.

ClearCube Blade PC platforms are assembled and tested in the U.S. and are fully TAA-compliant.

M Series Blade PCsClick here for more information on our Blade PCs and Centralized Desktop Infrastructure, or simply call us now at 866-652-3500 to speak with a ClearCube sales representative today and begin your desktop transformation with the best in the business.

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