With "End-of-life" and "End-of-Support" for Oracle Sun Rays coming fast, customers looking to transition away from the discontinued Sun Ray Software and Sun Ray Clients can breathe a little easier thanks to ClearCube's SmartVDI migration options.

Derived from research into a number of Federal Agency Sun Ray deployments, ClearCube has developed a flexible set of migration options to satisfy a majority of use cases

Our methodology is based on 4 key goals:.

  • Preserve as much existing infrastructure as possible
  • Improve the user experience
  • Maintain or improve the desktop security profile
  • Provide better support for power users needing GPU performance

The migration paths of least resistance and most benefit are enabled by ClearCube Zero Clients or Thin Clients, SmartVDI platform, ClearCube Blade PCs and any number of existing technologies that may already be deployed.Our suite of options is certain to enable us to find an affordable migration path that works best for you, your budget and your mission.

Of course, every customer situation is different.If your organization depends on more than 100 Sun Ray Clients to support your mission, give us a call to schedule your free 45 minute assessment with one of our Sun Ray Migration to SmartVDI specialists.We’ll help develop a future-proof transformation path for your organization and explain how we can help take the burn out of the end of support worry facing you.


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Call us at 866-652-3500 now to request a whitepaper that highlights a few of the Sun Ray to ClearCube migration scenarios. Mention that you want to avoid the “Sun Ray Burn” to have the whitepaper emailed to you.

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