Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Solutions (CVDI)

Right for your organization?
How you can determine the fit?

Reasons why you may be searching for a CVDI solution.

Reason #1 - Pain
You have decided to use Virtualized Desktops because you have heard that they are better than the distributed PCs you have that take up too much space, create heat and noise, are tough to manage, and don’t meet new security mandates

Reason #2 - Confusion
While analyzing Virtualized Desktops you identified a wide range of use cases including task workers with lightweight user requirements and knowledge workers running database and office applications. In addition, you identified power users with graphics apps that require dedicated GPUs or with CPU intensive apps that need a lot of dedicated processing power. Plus you found you still have legacy apps written to take advantage of dedicated PC hardware. Now you are confused about how to make one size fit all.

Reason #3 - Fear
Because of the range of use cases, you are hesitant to use VDI exclusively for fear that certain user performance and compatibility profiles will not be met.

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Reasons why you should choose ClearCube Centralized & Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure solutions.

Reason #1
ClearCube CVDI consists of Zero Clients, Blade PCs and SmartVDI™ host platforms. ClearCube is the only vendor that offers a complete centralized, virtualized solution for every use case, from task workers to knowledge workers to power users.

Reason #2
Regardless of the worker type, ClearCube Zero Clients at the desktop means no OS, no memory, no storage, no moving parts, no data; therefore, no noise, no heat, little desk space, low maintenance, high reliability and miniscule energy consumption. That pain you had with distributed PCs goes away.

Reason #3
For the task and knowledge workers, ClearCube SmartVDI™ host platforms are fine-tuned to handle from 100s to 1000s of virtual users in an easy-to-scale manner. For power users, ClearCube Blade PCs with Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processors are purpose-built with PCoIP hardware accelerated host compression adapters and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)to deliver real-time workstation performance to zero clients at the desktops. Even though Blade PCs are located away from your users, their performance experience will be excellent because Blade PCs send only USB signals and pixel changes across the network, delivering real-time workstation performance.

Reason #4
Having a solution for all use cases provides you with peace of mind knowing you can adjust to accommodate every situation.

In exploring our web site for CVDI solutions, please select the Solution Components tab above for more information about our Blade PCs, SmartVDI™ Host Platforms and PCoIP Zero Clients.

Solution Components

Blade PCs
ClearCube® Blade PCs deliver the highest datacenter-to-desktop PCoIP remote performance available. Blade PCs provide 1:1 dedicated high performance for fat client use cases (mission-critical apps, legacy apps, in-house developed apps) that require speed, graphics, and application compatibility. ClearCube Blade PCs are specially designed with embedded PCoIP™ and GPU adapters that host IP connections from remote desktop Zero Client devices.

SmartVDI™ Host Platforms
SmartVDI hardware specs are state-of-the art, with the aim to deliver an exceptional user experience by focusing on high IOPs, high bandwidth and optimized inline deduplication. For the network administrator, SmartVDI also delivers high availability and scalable compute nodes that minimizes storage usage and its associated costs.

Zero Clients
Cloud Desktop Zero Clients are PCoIP desktop devices that connect monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers and USB peripherals to users’ ClearCube Blade PCs and SmartVDI host platforms. In CVDI environments, VMware Horizon brokers the connections to allow access to both compute resources. Rugged ClearCube Zero Clients have no moving parts, generate no noise, create very little heat, require a fraction of the energy of desktop PCs and have no operating systems or storage.

ClearCube SmartVDI™ Management Software
SmartVDI addresses the key challenges of VDI deployment through a single dashboard with real-time analytics, offering rapid deployment that takes hours instead of days to get implemented.

PCoIP Blade PCs

PCoIP Blade PCs

Dedicated 1:1 processing for power users



SmartVDI™ Host Platform

Full desktop quality computing experience via an IP connection


PCoIP zero clients

Zero Client family

A Zero Client to fit any need or environment.


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Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

ClearCube Centralized and Vistualizeed Desktop Infrastructure

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