ClearCube Technology has Been Selected by the United States Air Force as Their Trusted Zero Client Provider

United States Air Force Selects ClearCube Technology as Their Zero Client Provider

ClearCube Technology has been helping the US military solve their complex IT challenges with products that provide greater reliability, data security, centralized management, and optimized workstation ergonomics since 2004. The CD7522, CD9522, and CD9552 zero clients offer the USAF what they need to meet the demand of today’s digital requirements.

Centralized Computing PCoIP VMware Solutions

ClearCube One-to-One and VDI Solutions with PCoIP Technology ClearCube has partnered with VMware and Teradici to offer the largest breadth of PCoIP computing solutions to address Centralization, Hybrid VDI, and Virtualization initiatives. Centralization SolutionCentralization initiatives are driven by organizations that want to remove PCs from the work area to improve ergonomics, reduce noise and heat, … Read more

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