Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

CVDI accelerates digital transformation by simplifying the delivery of and access to applications, streamlining compliance activities, and better safeguarding corporate resources. It is best implemented during technology refresh cycles to tackle outdated and under-performing physical desktops. The benefits of doing so are clear: you will no longer have to look into bulky systems, inadequate security parameters, and manageability concerns.

What is CVDI?

Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

Centralized and Virtualized Computing For Organizations

"Computers" are located in a company's data center which has also been virtualized and users access these computers via 'remote'. Employees need to have access to essential programs and applications on a computer and the company has a hybrid situation. Ideal for companies who have a mix of situations that require some to work in the office and off-site.
Examples: Media and Entertainment

CVDI Architecture

Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) combines traditional, dedicated computer hardware capabilities with the control, flexibility, versatility, and resource consolidation abilities of virtualization. The solution is custom designed and engineered to facilitate smooth, iterative change for organizations dealing with resource maintenance and rapid technological developments.

We are the only vendor to provide the custom designed and engineered Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) solution. This unique portfolio expands on the principles of virtualization to address challenging use cases and enable organizations to grow and adapt in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The range delivers business agility by breaking down desktop and mobile silos, while enabling smooth access to data, applications, and experiences across networks, devices, locations, or OSes.

CVDI Benefits


Lock Down Data


Ease Back End Management

Full Size HDMI

Provide a Reliable User Experience

Cloud Computing and CVDI have much in common from the end point perspective since they both use slimmed down end point devices to access remote data center resources. Cloud computing is generally defined as providing desktop, network and storage services from a common set of data centers. CVDI can be thought of as a “private cloud.” Currently applications are being delivered via the Cloud from DISA to the Army for enterprise email.

ClearCube’s CVDI capability serves as an investment protection safety net for virtualization adoption. CVDI provides the compatibility and performance comfort levels associated with distributed PC architecture, along with the many management and ergonomic benefits that centralization and virtualization offer. With this approach, the transition path to better managed; cost-saving virtualization is straightforward for low, medium, and high performance use cases.

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