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What is CDI?

What is Centralized Desktop Infrastructure

Centralized Computing For Companies

"Computers" are located in the data center and users access these computers through the 'network'. Employees need to have access to essential programs and applications on a computer but the environment of operation may be small, unstable, or harsh. Ideal for companies who find it difficult to put a computer at the desk.
Examples: Drilling Shack on Oil Rigs, Bridge or Deck on Boats/Ships, Factory Floors, Hospitals and Clinics, Industrial and Testing Sites, Hard to Reach Areas like Digital Signage

Centralized Architecture

Centralized computing is convenient for companies that need to free up space at the desktop for workers that need to ‘clear the cube’. Reasons may be multiple monitors or accessories that take up space. In combination, centralized computing is beneficial to services where hardware failure would be critical damaging and a quick ‘swap’ from a backup is mandatory. Examples would be emergency response centers, financial investment centers, and oil rigs, refineries and power supply centers. These companies need to have employees accessing ‘computers’ on the floor but benefit from having the actual workstations centrally located so they can be managed by IT administrators. Employees access their ‘computer’ using a zero client or thin client and get the same experience as if the computer were on the desk.

Benefits of Central COmputing

RMA Request

Decrease Downtime

Use blade PCs to create a backup so if hardware failure occurs, users can be swapped out immediately to a spare.


Increase Security

Zero Clients have ultimate security and thin clients have high security so employees stay protected and information passing between the centralized computer and end user is encrypted.

VMware Blast Extreme

Flexible, Easy to Manage

With a combination of centralization and cloud computing applications, CRMs and ERPs for inventory management and operations can standardize processes.

Post Warranty Repair Authorization

Reduce Long-Term Cost

While blade PCs have a higher entry spend, there is long-term savings because you can go longer before hardware failure and end-of-life. There is also reduced spend on IT management.

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure


Zero Clients and Thin Clients are cheaper than a traditional desktop PC. This means you can quickly issue inventory.

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