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Please do not submit articles until you have been approved. Due to the highly technical nature of our business, authors and bloggers will need to be accepted and have an account created before they can start writing and contributing content.

the Details

Acceptance does not guarantee publishing

100% Original

• All articles must be original
• We do not have a minimum word count, but ideas should be complete and make sense
• Images are welcome, not required, and do not be offended if we do not use your image (for ensuring copyright)
• Please take a look at our content to make sure your idea matches what we do
• We love promoting other businesses (and appreciate when you promote ours) but please refrain from advertorial type content
• If selected, you will be required to submit an author bio into our portal

Some Things We Look For:

We post articles for every level of understanding: some are entry level and some are highly technical. Don’t let that deter you! We especially appreciate content that is specific to an industry. Have you experienced using a thin client or zero client or created your own private cloud and want to talk about it? Now is your chance to build some SEO for YOUR company!


Not the writing type? Feel free to RECORD your submission like you would a ‘podcast’ and we can post that too! If you can transcribe it, even better. (If not, we will do that for you, but it may delay publication.)

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