How Do Zero Clients Work?

VMware Ready PCoIP Zero Clients work by serving as a secure terminal connection to a remote PC.  That remote PC can be a centralized machine, a virtualized machine, or a cloud desktop instance.  Each zero client can only connect to a single connection point (computer), and it cannot be rebooted or otherwise redirected to a different connection.  This is because the connection destination is locked in the BIOS.  If a zero client were ever removed from the work location, it would become an unconnectable device with no locally stored, usable data.  This is an important security attribute of zero clients.  

A tremendously important security feature of VMware Ready PCoIP Zero Clients is that they do not send or receive data.  Instead, zero clients receive and send only individually encrypted (256-bit) pixels.  This means that the data remain secured in your data center or in the cloud.  There is no data that can be intercepted between the zero client and the host computer.  When security is paramount, a zero client is the best endpoint.

Zero clients offer fantastic user experience even with their ultra-secure operation.  End users will enjoy high definition, multi-monitor display and crisp responsiveness with no lagging.

The secure connection between a zero client and the host computer is established using PCoIP technology.  Zero clients can connect natively (directly) to a physical host card, to VMWare running Windows OS, or to Amazon Workspaces.  Zero clients can connect to other VDI stacks, cloud platforms, or physical computers using HP Anyware software.  

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