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If you’re looking for endpoints for a VDI project or a remote workstation access solution then you’ve come to the right place. ClearCube Thin and Zero Clients are the best in the industry. Leading with innovation in this area for more than two decades our Thin and Zero Clients give you the flexibility to deploy for any use case that you may have. Ranging from low cost devices such as the C3Pi+ to highly configurable and powerful Zero Clients with an Integrated DVD player and a dozen USB ports, we have it all. We are VMware, Citrix and Microsoft ready and our clients range can cater to your most demanding needs.

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Free Demo Unit

What Kind of Endpoint Device Do I Need

Thin Clients effortlessly support SMBs and large enterprises seeking remarkably flexible configurations that deliver an unmatched desktop experience. Large organizations with intensive work flows and workloads are recommended to opt for Zero or ZERO+ Clients that incorporate impressive graphics capabilities and quick boot-up times.

The best way to choose between thin clients and zero clients for your business is to consult one of our experts who can then access your business model and suggest options with ideal price points. Contact us by clicking on the live chat widget at the bottom right of your screen or send an email to and our team will assess your unique requirements. Based on our evaluation of your business model, we will then recommend an endpoint device that provides the best fit for your needs.

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