Department of Defense

With ClearCube products you can manage multiple security levels, control remote management and enjoy rapid deployment so you can hit the ground running.

Uncompromised Security

Teams must access the network on the go and at different locations without sacrificing security. This is why the Department of Defense needs sustainable solutions that ClearCube offers that prevent attackers from taking advantage of security vulnerabilities.

Reduce Long Term Costs

The initial cost of a data center may be high but purchasing thin clients and zero clients offer big savings when you add in the cost of IT management, maintenance, and depreciation of a typical off-the-shelf computer. Our devices have longer lifespans than your traditional computers.

Do More with Less

The military doesn't always get to choose where and how to deploy a command center or computer desks. ClearCube has worked with multiple military installations and field deployments to decrease heat and power where access to conventional capacity and space was limited.

We provide the best secure endpoint device for business and government.

We design our products at military-grade by default — that’s why we’ve been a chosen partner of the DoD for over two decades. Our established partnership with the military and department of defense has enabled us to craft custom zero and thin client systems with integrated SIPRNET/CAC readers, metal chassis, KVM switches and multi-monitor support that offer the highest level security, durability and performance. Our solutions also help prevent evasive & unidentified malware, zero-day vulnerabilities and browser-based attacks in even the most unforgiving environments.

How We Serve

Department of Defense

We know the defense sector faces many challenges with budget demands, security requirements, juggling multiple worksites, and enabling mobile work-forces. Most institutions have specific restrictions around their budget and massive capital investment in modern hardware is no longer a viable option. The possibility of devices being compromised is increasing, leading to catastrophic security gaps. Administrators need real-time, tactical overview of all endpoints and peripheral devices. For entities that operate at several locations, it is not practical nor cost-effective to house servers at each work site.

Front Left View Zero Client CD9924
Zero Client CD9922/24 Available in Both Copper & Fiber

Mission Effective

With built-in SIPRNET and CAC readers you can minimize the footprint at the desk and maintain identity and access management at the highest level. Our devices have high flexibility and computing capability with broad application usage. Zero and thin clients run on lower bandwidth so they have rapid rest to refresh rates.​

Improved Projection & Planning

Budgeting can be more accurate and precise and there is greater cost control through reduced 'management' of outdated applications. By standardizing and centralizing management you can consolidate data and increase efficiency of mission operations.

Rugged & Ready

Our products are designed to scale and maintain continuity of operations and stay in compliance. Our knowledge and collaboration with the government and defense agencies ensures our endpoint devices are customized to your standards for whatever protocols and IT architecture your agency has in place.

Fiber or Copper

Because of our experience with the government and customizing secure end point devices we have a variety of devices that are "true" zero clients with no moving parts and runs on fiber — so you can be ultra secure.

Case Studies

Eglin AFB

Provide high-performance computing at an Air Force F-15 testing facility while meeting government emission security (EMSEC) requirements for data security

Secure Command Dispatch

A brilliant example of a collaborative technology project that delivers on all fronts —increased security, performance, reliability, resilience and doing a lot more with less.


Increase workspace inside a mountainside command center while decreasing support costs and providing users with powerful and ultra-secure computing tools

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