Finance & Insurance

Reliable uptime is critical. Give users continuous access to applications and systems — because money never sleeps.

Effortless Remote Management

Forget IT failures and repair time. When traditional PCs go down you have to reconfigure use profiles, software, and attend to tedious 'acting up'. IT administrators can remotely management entire deployments from anywhere in the world.

Small Footprint,
Big Impact

On sales floors, space is at a premium. Combine that with employees needing to go remote or have access from 'anywhere', and a hybrid CVDI system can solve your problems. Administrators can resolve access issues immediately without disrupting employees because workstations are centralized in the data center.

Protected, with Large Storage Capacity

Banks, law offices and insurance companies need to have historical data available and on demand. These records hold sensitive information that need to be accessible but also need to be protected. Our SmartVDI option is a great solution for this.

Eliminate errors in fast-paced environments.

Eliminate manual data entry and redundancy which is where many errors occur. With cloud based or data center based management many tasks can be automated centrally and free up employees to perform more efficiently.

ClearCube understands that not all IT infrastructure is one-size-fits-all. This is why we identify your specific needs to deliver sophisticated, custom designed and engineered solutions that support your unique environment while exceeding your expectations. It’s not just the hardened security, robust peripherals, minimal footprint, centralized management, improved ergonomics, and reduced downtime our system solutions excel at, it’s also the multi-monitor output, business continuity, and seamless UX that financial professionals require.

How We Serve

Banking, Investment, & Insurance

When time is money, uptime is critical. ClearCube’s Centralized Desktop Infrastructure is designed to maximize uptime by proving the 1-to-1 performance your traders expect without costly desk dives and rip and replace solutions.

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Zero Client CD7542

Fewer Devices, Increased Performance

It’s time to clear the cube: remove the heat, noise, bulk, and security risk of conventional PCs without sacrificing peripheral support, quad-monitor support, and performance.

Instant Updates

Standardize and secure data while backing it up. Changes to data are instant and security is management by a small IT staff.

Case Studies

With locations spread across the globe, the securities firm immediately recognized the benefits of centralized computing and remote management. “We liked how the ClearCube solution would enable both our traders and support staff to have their desktops remotely managed from any- where in the world,” says the Executive Director and Technology Project Manager.
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