Media and Entertainment

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Application.

Endless Options

Access software, programs, and b-roll fast when your media and files are stored in a centralized data center in a Blade Server PC. Visualize the blade so employees can access the media remotely when needed.

Safe and Secure

Create backups without effort by implementing an infrastructure that allows you to have access to multiple revisions of multimedia and optimized performance and productivity.


Have scalable options without losing bandwidth, resolution, or lag time.

Not just a workstation; high-density blade server computers.

Backing up files and transferring data so high-bandwidth projects flow smooth and uninterrupted is the goal of any media and entertainment agency. Productivity and efficiency is interrupted when there is down time or lag time because a computer struggles to render and save large files that are ready to use. High-powered workstation PCs run large and run hot; but ClearCube’s Blade PCs are compact and maintain the ability to handle huge workloads.

How We Serve

Digital Media

Secure video and live TV delivery in VDI environments is a tough challenge, with poor streaming rendering video unusable for practical business scenarios. Using our world-class streaming, encoding and decoding technologies, ClearCube facilitates high-quality video to virtual desktops.

Monitor Performance

IT can monitor and adjust performance and can be more preemptive about software and applications that may affect projects.

Increase Innovation

By maintaining a consistent environment for your employees cross-collaborating on projects, your employees can focus on solutions rather than worry about hardware and application performance.

Case Studies

Huckabee first considered issuing high powered laptops to their 50+ engineers, but dismissed that approach after evaluating the cost to purchase them, secure them, encrypt the data on the hard drive, and manage revision control. The lack of security by using laptops was also a huge concern.
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