SMBs and Retail

Small and Medium Businesses require a computing environment that is highly reliable, flexible, and robust. This allows them to deliver dependable assistance and situational awareness on every occasion while optimizing the operators’ environment for high-performance under stressful situations.

Efficiency & Security

Whether it is in the office or remote, employees will access their CRM or CMS via a secure connection. Customize and personalize the experience by combining secure thin clients and custom software built in combination with the OS so users only have access to certain programs.

Reduce IT Costs

Stop servicing thousands of computers on location and centralize workstations in the data center so IT staff can maintain software and hardware quickly and easily. Thin clients can take more wear and tear than a typical PC so they do not need to be serviced as often.

Work Smarter,
Not Harder

Thin Clients and Zero Clients are built with a cloud and data center in mind. For companies and businesses wanting to transition to a virtual desktop environment or a hybrid remote environment where data and processes are centralized and accessible to employees, our systems are built with this in mind.

Centralized Blade PCs and Zero Clients enable easy and instantaneous communication

There are several ways that ClearCube devices can help businesses and retail save money. The first is going remote: having all of your computing power in one central place eliminates employees being ‘down’ during computer failure or software updates. With ClearCube, we help put your computers into a central datacenter so it can be attended by IT so it is centralized for not only maintenance, but security reasons such as data theft, data breach, and malware protection.

How We Serve

Business & Retail

Instead of having a huge team of tech managers to maintain inventory and deployment of systems and software, you can create more efficiency and security by creating a centralized data center: whether it is at your headquarters or in the cloud. When you decrease redundancy, you increase productivity and savings as well as make things easier for your employees.

Effortless Remote Management

Personalize and customize our products so your business and employees can remain productive while lowering IT costs by having the data and applications centralized.

Simplify and Standardize Processes

By implementing a centralize or virtualized (or both!) infrastructure, your IT administration can start to simplify and automate processes on the virtual desktop to increase productivity time for your employees.

Case Studies

The bank used traditional desktop PCs to store customer information and process financial transactions. Not only did these bulky machines take up limited space, but they also potentially enabled unauthorized downloading and uploading. “Intrusion and security are chief among our concerns,” says the bank’s president and CEO. After realizing the security weaknesses of stan- dard PCs, the bank decided to find a solution that would give it more control over its technology assets.
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