ClearCube for Emergency Response Call Centers

Federal, State and Local Governments of all sizes rely on ClearCube blade workstations to power Emergency Operations Centers

For emergency operations centers to deliver assistance and situational awareness on every occasion, they require a computing environment that is highly reliable, flexible and redundant while optimizing the operators’ environment for high performance under stress. In addition, operators have the added burden of consuming and relaying data from multiple sources which often have high definition video requirements in order to effectively render GIS data and video feeds.

At ClearCube we’ve purpose built our rack-mounted blade workstations to meet the most demanding requirements of some of the world’s busiest emergency operations centers. ClearCube centralized computing solutions deliver on the expanding needs of federal, state and local emergency operations as multiple agencies begin to consolidate resources and utilize EOCs for multi-agency coordinated response hubs. ClearCube resolves critical availability, maintenance and ergonomic issues by centralizing all computing assets in a single location. The ClearCube solution condenses the workstation into a blade form factor and rack mounts it in a data center or network closet. As a result, ClearCube eliminates the problems that box PCs create on the desktop. The benefits include:

Higher Uptime – ClearCube blade workstations deliver 99.99% uptime resulting in a 38% reduction in help desk incidents and a 69% reduction in end user downtime versus Box PCs.

Noise Reduction – By replacing the desktop PC with a ClearCube Zero Client, 100% of the decibels are eliminated from the work environment.

Improved Energy Efficiency – ClearCube blade workstations average 55% greater energy efficiency than comparable desktop workstations and slash the number of BTUs generated in the work environment.

Improved Thermal Characteristics – Over 90% of the heat generated by PCs in the work environment is eliminated by replacing the desktop PC with a ClearCube Zero Client connected back to a ClearCube blade workstation in the data center.

ClearCube Blade Workstations in the Data Center Accessed with ClearCube Zero Clients Supporting Quad Monitors and High Definition Video for EOC Operators

ClearCube invented the blade PC and continues to innovate with PCoIP secure blade workstations for command and control and emergency operations centers. ClearCube blade workstations mitigate many of today’s threats that result in a disruption of operations resulting in downtime of mission critical resources.

ClearCube has engineered the industry’s only hardware security layer which prevents USB mass storage devices from connecting to the system and preventing the spread of malware, viruses and trojan attacks. ClearCube Mass Storage Lockout (MSL) gives administrators full control over removable media by locking out unauthorized storage devices from the workstation blades.

ClearCube PCoIP secure blade workstations can be configured in a pool which can provide immediate back-up capabilities to dramatically reduce downtime. ClearCube Management Software provides administrators will full control of the ClearCube infrastructure from a single interface.

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Author: ClearCube Technology

ClearCube Technology invented the centralized computing industry with the first blade PC and continues to drive centralized and virtualized computing innovation with the broadest set of specialized PCoIP desktop zero clients that connect to optimized SmartVDI compute/storage host platforms for task/knowledge users and PCoIP Blade PCs and engineering workstations for power and highly-specialized users. Many of the world's largest financial services companies, health care organizations, and government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Homeland Security, rely on ClearCube centralized computing solutions to equip their users with secure, efficient and manageable computing resources.

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