ClearCube for Today’s Government Environment

How ClearCube Benefits the Government

The technological advancements of today continually present beneficial opportunities for users. However, this modern trend of impressive progress is also the mechanism that has created the increase in security threats and breaches that terrorize many businesses and organizations. This only intensifies the need for top-of-the-line security solutions that can protect the highly confidential nature of government and military work. In order to effectively combat security concerns, the traditional computing system of distributing box PCs to each employee must be abandoned.  

At ClearCube Technology, we have everything you need to secure your team’s information. Our products and services eliminate the all too common need to upkeep two separate networks: a secure network for sensitive and classified data and an unsecured network for daily operations. We consolidate your data and allow you to run out of a single network without sacrificing the security of your dealings. Our customized solutions empower you to overcome the many challenges that are created from using outdated systems. 

Harden Data and Hardware Security  

ClearCube’s architecture eliminates the computer and its hard drive from the user’s desktop and secures them in a remote data center. In doing so a single centralized data center is created and IT convenience and efficiency is increased. With the network being housed in only one location, your IT staff and administrators have the power to control network access and enable or disable the use of mass-storage devices on the individual desktops. In other words, they are able to ensure that sensitive or confidential data cannot be downloaded and compromised. The restriction of hard drive access also defends against security breaches from threats such as viruses and unlicensed software. Additionally, any information being sent within the virtual desktop is secured and cannot be collected by network “sniffing.” 

Improve Desktop Space  

By moving computers to a centralized, secure, rack-mounted location, the amount of available physical space on the desktop is maximized. ClearCube’s solutions leaves only a small VHS sized connection device on the desktop and frees up more room that can be used for other purposes. Our company name is a direct testament to our expertise in clearing your cube obtrusive technology that clutters your workspace. A centralized environment can be properly organized, access to said environment can be regulated, and IT maintenance no longer must take place on each individual’s desktop.  

Manage Dispersed Locations  

Many government and military operations are executed by employees that are geographically spaced out and housed in various locations. This traditionally requires there to be qualified IT personnel stationed within each physical environment or for IT personnel to engage in frequent travel. With ClearCube’s centralized solutions, your IT administrators can be physically designated to a single location and still provide service to multiple dispersed locations. Our infrastructure eliminates the need to geographically disseminate your employees and the costs that accompany unnecessary travel.  

Deliver 99.99% Availability  

Our solutions offer 99.99% availability as opposed to the 96% availability that is offered by regular PCs. The features of our solutions increase the reliability of your network and allow you to avoid disruptions that may occur due to issues with viruses, maintenance requirements, and other interfering circumstances. This means that you will maximize employee output by eliminating availability conflicts that inhibit them from performing at their highest possible level of efficiency.  

Enable Rapid Deployment  

The need to sustain a highly developed ability to quickly respond to the ever-changing circumstances and requirements of government and military work presents a challenge in implementing a technological transformation. However, ClearCube’s skillfully engineered products and solutions do away with the consequences of proceeding through the transition to a new and improved network structure. We ensure that your business structure upgrade does not involve an extended interruption from which your operations would suffer. Our ability to minimize the time of solution deployment caters directly to the unremitting nature of government and military work. 

To learn more about how ClearCube can tailor a specific solution for your government or military facility, contact one of our Government Solution Managers toll free at 1-866-652-3500.  

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Author: ClearCube Technology

ClearCube Technology invented the centralized computing industry with the first blade PC and continues to drive centralized and virtualized computing innovation with the broadest set of specialized PCoIP desktop zero clients that connect to optimized SmartVDI compute/storage host platforms for task/knowledge users and PCoIP Blade PCs and engineering workstations for power and highly-specialized users. Many of the world's largest financial services companies, health care organizations, and government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Homeland Security, rely on ClearCube centralized computing solutions to equip their users with secure, efficient and manageable computing resources.

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