How TEMPEST Level Zero Clients Support VDI

‘What is VDI’?

First, let’s answer this question to better understand how VDI matches our TEMPEST range.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI involves hosting client desktops in multiple VMs that run on a centralized server in the data center. One of the most innovative IT solutions, VDI offers simplified and centralized management across all workplaces.

Take the example of CVDI which offers transparency, great performance and easy manageability all at once. It integrates legacy hardware and the elasticity, control and strategic resource allocation of VDI to match all needs. Another example is our SmartVDI host platform. This delivers optimal linear capacity scaling by managing hundreds to thousands of virtual users with strong scaling ability.

CVDI also assists broad use cases. Let’s look at two examples. Firstly, you have knowledge workers who use Big Data to come up with ideas or solve problems. Secondly, there are power users whose work involves running graphics-intensive applications. In any case, you must fulfill user expectations and support their growing needs by offering predictable and consistent VDI performance.

There are specific times where managing private and sensitive data can either make or break a business. In such situations, use TEMPEST Level Zero Clients to add extra layers of security to your desktop virtualization setup.  

Now, let’s further explore our TEMPEST Bundles and how they play a role in VDI planning.

What is TEMPEST?

In certain situations, IT systems and devices compromise data security by emitting electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Scanners and receivers can intercept and make sense of these emissions while staying undetected. This exposes signals containing protectively marked information which attackers may then use to recreate intelligible data.

Keeping this in view, ClearCube’s TEMPEST technology is certified to NSA standards. This solution secures sensitive and classified data against attacks and theft from unknown sources. It can withstand extreme work conditions where information security is what truly counts.

Let’s further look at why TEMPEST security matters in the modern workplace.

The Importance of TEMPEST Security

All electronic devices produce electromagnetic signals which travel through space along electrically conductive pathways. Telephone cables and power lines at a close distance can capture these signals which are then left open to cybercrimes.

How is this possible? By disclosing stats like data patterns and the right frequency, attackers can retrieve raw data and private encryption keys. This may lead to serious outcomes. The reason is these emanation-based attacks include classified government or military information that is in the interest of national security. Letting such important material get into the wrong hands may put safety of the masses at risk.

What is a proactive method to prevent this threat? Integrate TEMPEST security into devices that transfer data and must remain protected from unauthorized access 24/7/365.

ClearCube TEMPEST Level 1 & 2 VDI Zero Clients

Ask anyone why they would like to shift to VDI. Apart from the obvious reasons of simplifying and centralizing IT systems, security will be at the top of their list. The same can be said of government and military officials that move to VDI for the sake of national security. Taking these needs into view, ClearCube custom-crafted TEMPEST Bundles to keep data safe at all times.

These solutions are designed to match the high-end needs of power users. Examples include research analysts, data scientists, deep learning experts and those whose work requires the highest security standards.

Why ClearCube?

Our approach focuses on long-term mission success. The TEMPEST bundles meet the rising needs of a workplace with uncompromising security mandates. You receive secure all-in-one solutions for high security VDI sites. These devices are based on NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I and II, NATO SDIP-27 Level A and NATO SDIP-27 Level B standards. They meet enterprise-level data governance and compliance focus areas of:

. US foreign embassies.

. Ministry of Defense.

. NATO locations.

. Other similar federal agencies.

Our team recommends the perfect bundle based on our understanding of unique business models.

Next, let’s examine how these clients deliver high-end and secure performance in VDI.

A Look into TEMPEST Level 1 Zero Clients

Here is a checklist of everything you can find in this package:

  • These devices integrate advanced Zero Client technology and offer the highest standard of data security across VDI desktops.
  • They are not equipped with local data storage, memory and operating systems. Such features eliminate the need for OS patches which would otherwise disrupt applications and lead to downtime.
  • Quickly install these devices and connect users to virtualized servers and Blade PCs with built-in GPU host compression adapters. You can do this through direct connections or over a switched Ethernet network.
  • Our desktop extension technology uses PCoIP. This technology allows CD7724T-L1 desktop Zero Clients to offer two monitors an ideal PC-like user experience across the network. At the same time, the process reroutes USB from the desktop to Blade PCs or SmartVDI host platform. This builds high availability from both the client and server side.

TEMPEST Level 2 Bundle

This range helps companies set up secure and robust IT systems at a low TCO. Let’s look at how this is possible.

  • The CD7724T-L2 device eliminates the hassle of maintaining and filtering an entire PC containing processor, hard drive and memory. This is advisable for sectors that run on a tight budget and yet have security at top of their list.
  • These clients are also based on host-rendered PCoIP processing. This is where the system uses AES 256/128 bit encryption for encrypting pixels. Business data remains secure in the datacenter and processing does not occur at the desktop. USB redirection, screen changes and pixel transmissions take place across the zero client connection. This hosts resources like virtual desktops and Blade PCs and boosts the quality of content output in VDI.

Key Takeaway

TEMPEST L1 and L2 Zero Clients allow smooth response to time and mission critical IT missions in analytics-driven industries. This boosts business agility and enables IT to do more with less through smart desktop computing practices.

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