Top 5 Workloads That Should be Moved to the Cloud Right Now

What is a Cloud Workload? 

A cloud workload is the amount of work or applications that can be run on a private network. As our world adopts more virtualization, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and improved technology, companies are aiming to move higher percentages of workloads to the cloud. Decision makers have begun to accept that our work environment may never return to the same format that we functioned in prior to the pandemic and are leaning into cloud virtualization and the benefits that it provides users. These are five of the most important types of workloads that need to be integrated into your business’ cloud computing: 


Moving employees to a remote work environment has been increasing in popularity over the past few years and skyrocketed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic forcing employees out of the office. Mobile devices like laptops, tablets, phones, and other endpoint devices are essential to maintaining the production of high-quality work in these new virtualized work environments. These mobile devices, when connected to a cloud solution, gives employees the ability to complete their work from home or any other remote location.  

Collaboration and Content Management 

Due to the recent trend toward remote working, collaboration among coworkers and team members has become a more challenging endeavor. Moving collaboration efforts to cloud based activity creates a way for employees to effectively and efficiently work together despite the challenge of physical separation. The quality of teamwork is not something that companies should have to sacrifice in this new age of remote work and cloud-based collaboration is a solution that eliminates the need to do so.  


Covid-19 initiated a massive growth in the usage of videoconferencing. Company communications, ranging in severity from simple daily team discussions all the way to crucial international business deal discussions, switched to a virtual format and do not seem to be switching back any time soon. Videoconferencing, and the massive demand that it puts on networking bandwidth, requires a dependable system to function within. Conducting this vital business function through a cloud solution is an excellent resolution that ensures reliability.  

Virtual Desktop Management 

Utilizing a virtual desktop infrastructure and a cloud-based solution allows IT administrators and staff to provide support and maintenance from a single centralized location, rather than going from one computer to the next. IT staff can enable and upkeep remote working functionality for many dispersed employees through a cloud-based approach. Cloud-based solutions provide the ability to adjust a user’s accessibility, workload, and requirements based on their needs. Because of this, it reduces the amount of IT employees needed, which in turn can save businesses a lot of money.  

Disaster Recovery 

The Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example of the fact that the world is not a predictable place. Disasters that a single person or company simply cannot predict are inevitable. Employing cloud-based recovery solutions throughout the infrastructure of your business is a great way to mitigate the negative impact that unanticipated disasters can have on your company. Cloud protection can save you from major loss and destruction as well as harmful monetary damages.  

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