What Are the Different Types of Mini Computers?

The computer evolution started with large systems, and today, we have light, portable machines capable of fitting into tiny spaces. Known as mid-range or minicomputers, they are smaller than a mainframe and larger than a microcomputer. Taking this into account, mini-computer definition and examples are two factors we will explore in today’s post. 

Minicomputers have all the features of large size computers and some are more powerful than conventional desktops, making them a highly-touted solution in the modern workplace. The storage capacity, high processing power, and low maintenance costs of Mini PCs give them the ability to handle more than simply routine tasks. They rise above being small in size, offering a wide range of benefits to enterprises and users.

Do We Really Need Mini Computers?

The discussion that conventional desktops provide more or less the same performance benefits as Mini-PCs often compels businesses to question the need for the latter. In reality, standard computers consume more energy, require excessive maintenance, and do not provide the upgrade options required in modern digital workspaces. Mini PCs have risen to the occasion as they address all these challenges in many ways. 

The first and foremost benefit is their size. Mini PCs can easily fit just about anywhere, and some are even designed to be portable which, in turn, promotes remote collaboration efficiencies. They fit neatly in backpacks and laptop bags, and the smallest models weigh up to 2 pounds, ranging from 12 inches in width to less than 7. This is a convenient alternative for users who need Internet access without the hassle of carrying around heavy systems. Their compact size appeals to professionals facing space constraints during commute and home-based employees who do not prefer sitting at desks with traditional PCs for long periods of time. Another example is an academic institution where teachers and students may need to use them on small desks during class.

Secondly, for companies on a budget, these miniature machines are a money-saving option for regular PCs and laptops. The best Mini PCs are equipped with word-processing software and a webcam, including other features of traditional high-performance PCs, but without the high cost. Average configurations cost anywhere around $110-500, while others are available between $570-$1500. 

Thirdly, the technology increases productivity especially in places where employees often multi-task, such as browsing the Internet, checking emails, and working with Microsoft Office Software Suite. The platform is also capable of processing business transactions, managing files and databases, and handling engineering computations.

Benefits of Different Types of Mini Computers
Benefits of Different Types of Mini Computers


Now, let’s look at some popular types of mini PCs in the market. 


Apple introduced the concept of smartphones in 2007 and it has taken over the world by storm since then. These power-packed mini PCs are not only used for calls and text purposes. They have the ability to handle compute-intensive workloads and some configurations offer processing power equivalent to the most powerful desktop PCs. These are used for managing corporate workloads, watching videos, surfing the internet, and playing graphics-intensive mobile games. Most smartphones are compatible with Google’s Android OS platform while iPhones operate on their specific OS known as iOS.

Tablet PCs

Tablets have become so versatile that they are no longer only used for entertainment purposes. The business sector has seen an increase in their usage, mainly because of factors like affordability and the ability to perform complex computational tasks. It is possible to attach keyboards to these devices and they provide a wide range of usage options with a 7 to 9-inch screen.


The new iPad Pro is powerful enough to overwhelm basic-level laptops available in the market. Note that users may require quality graphics or excessive processing power for specific assignments, such as those in the research, engineering, architecture, and construction industries. 

iPad Pro bridges the gap between a standard laptop and the previous iPads. These machines continue to evolve and in the near future, they may very well be laptop replacement technology with multi-tasking abilities and graphics power equivalent to XBOX 360.

Drawing Tablets

Drawing tablets are typically used for drawing and sketching in the graphic design industry. These devices transfer the design onto the screen using different software programs, including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. While reviewing rendering and drawings do not require significant power, you will need higher graphic support to render advanced designs. 

Desktop Mini PCs

Desktops have come a long way and manufacturers now integrate their components into a very minimal space. These are available in two versions: Bare bones and Ready To Go units that work out of the box, complete with an OS, RAM, and memory installed.

ClearCube has designed the all-new, powerful, and secure Intel NUC-based Mini PC series that make surplus IT equipment redundant while providing robust multimedia and 4k graphics. The range enjoys its reputation as the only NUC which supports RJ45 copper and 1000 BASE-SX or 1000 BASE-LX SFP fiber-optic network connections for hosting resources. IT can even facilitate a redundant or bonded communications path by configuring the SFP port with a 1G BASE-T module to add dual copper connections to the device. 

Our Mini PCs are small in size, but big on performance. You receive:

Maximum Possibilities

Our compact and lightweight Mini PCs are ideal for multiple use cases, designed to fulfill the needs of tasks, knowledge, and power users.

Reliable Performance

The ClearCube range takes up minimal space and offers desktop-grade performance. 

High-End Application Support

Employees can use apps that enhance communication, productivity, and other workplace metrics. 

For more details, please get in touch with our team. 

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