Digital Fiber Transceiver F6150-160

Complete Desktop Experience in Secure Centralized Computing


  • 16 port digital fiber transceiver connects fiber based digital C/Port to backend R-Series or A-Series Rack Mounted Blade PCs
  • Point-to-point fiber solution utilizes your existing fiber infrastructure to connect users via dedicated pairs of multi-mode fiber
  • Can support two fully populated R-Series chassis or up to 16 A-Series blades
  • 2U high rack mounted device
  • Digital signals are received from the blades via a copper signal and converted to a fiber signal
  • Fiber connection from the transceiver is a standard SC connector and supports either 62.5 or 50 micron fiber

Email or call 866-652-3500 if you have questions.

SKU Model F6150-160 Digital Fiber Transceiver - GF6150-160 Category

Technical Specs

  Dimensions 3.5 inches H × 17.3 inches W × 10.9 inches D
  Operating System None
  Fiber Type 62.5 μm or 50 μm fiber (SC connectors)
  Distance Up to 2,000 meters direct connect (3000 miles over IP network)
  Connections 16 SC fiber connectors
2 AC power connectors
  Power Supply Universal 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  Max Consumption 770 watts
  Shipping Weight 28.5 pounds (13 kg)
  Environment Stationary office installation, 0° to 40° C
  Part Number GF6150-160 Model F6150-160 Digital Fiber Transceiver
  Part Number G0900018 Digital Fiber Replacement Transceiver Module
  Part Number G7500005 Digital Fiber Transceiver Power Supply


For additional support please email:
Toll Free: 866-652-3400  /  Local: 512-652-3400

*Some locations outside of the US may need to dial the local number listed above to reach the support group

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