KVM Solution ClientCube Desktop Control Unit

Secure Desktop Controller Unit DCU

Line-of-sight separation from the datacenter to the desk NIAP Protection Profile v3.0 KVM in Zero Client enclosure.

The Secure DCU enables remote switching between available networks. The DCU disables functionality from the KVM’s front panel and eliminates accidental switching. With programmable names and color indicators, the DCU’s customizable interface significantly improves a user’s awareness.

A Compact, All-In-One Multiple Security Level PCoIP Solution

Common Criteria validated to EAL 4+ (Evaluation Assurance Level 4). One single connection from 3 to 50 feet from point to point gives you ease of resource switching at the touch of a button.

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Operating Temperature
Stationary office installation 0° to 40° C

5.51 (W) x 3.54 (D) x 4.34 (H) inches

Power Supply
5V DC, 1A (maximum) power from connected Secure KVM Switch

Security Accreditation
Common Criteria EAL 4+



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