V5422 PCoIP Dual-monitor Host Card Kit

High-Performance Remote Video from Secure Hosts to Secure Clients


  • PCoIP Host Cards do not send data—only encrypted screen pixels—to further protect the IP that remains in the data center
  • Remote connectivity eliminates the distribution and duplication of data to remote locations
  • Using Host Cards with PCoIP zero clients mean no local storage or application OS at users’ desks
  • Data center deployments increase system uptime
  • Centralization increases power and cooling efficiency
  • Highly customizable mass storage lockout available from zero client devices

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Move the Desktop to the Data Center for Improved Security and Reliability

ClearCube®V5420 and V5440 PCoIP®Host Cards deliver stunning high definition dual and quad-monitor video performance. The V5400-series host cards use powerful Teradici® PCoIP processors for intelligent video, audio, and USB delivery—secure and encrypted—from remote servers, workstations, and PCs to remote client devices. You can now provision your existing compute resources with the high-performance video card that is standard in ClearCube Blades and Workstations.

ClearCube integrates V5440 in A-Series, M-Series, and R-Series Blades and Workstations to deliver full 1920 × 1200 resolution on up to four monitors, or 2560 × 1600 resolution on up to two monitors. ClearCube Blades and Workstations are purpose-built forV5420 and V5440 Host Cards with mounting, cooling, and cable connections designed to optimize space and minimize deployment effort.

When connecting to a ClearCube Zero Client or PCoIP Software Client at an end user’s location, V5420/V5440 Host Cards have no distance limitation between the host computing resource and the zero client at the end-user’s desk.

V5422 PCoIP Host Card Kit Includes

  • V5422 PCoIP Dual Host Card×1
  • Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cablesx2
  • Mini DisplayPort to DVI cables×2
  • Ethernet cable×1
  • PCoIP Host Card power button cable×1
  • Low-profile bracket×1
  • High-profile bracket×1
  • Quick Start Guide ×1


Form Factor
Low Profile
Encryption Max Number of Displays
Imaging Performance
Max Application Frame Rate with PCoIP Zero
60 fps
Recommended Zero Clients
TERA2321 or TERA 2140
Typical Board Power
Maximum Resolution
One 2560×1600 or Two 1920×1200
PCIe Video Ports
Two Mini DisplayPort


*4K resolution is supported on 4K UHD monitors connected to PCoIP Zero Client DisplayPort models using firmware 20.01 or newer, while connected to Remote Workstation Cards running firmware 20.01 or newer.

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