What is SmartVDI™?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Greater Versatility

Centralized and Virtualized Computing For Organizations

A major plus point of virtualization is that it greatly reduces the role of dedicated administrators in keeping systems up and running smoothly. A thorough deployment always integrates solid IT infrastructure support for the best possible user experience. This is why ClearCube® designed the SmartVDI Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Platform to cater to an extensive range of different user needs and organization scenarios for greater versatility and easy manageability.

SmartVDI™ Hardware Architecture

ClearCube’s Smart Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (SmartVDI™) solutions address an extensive range of user needs and smoothly transition staff from using physical desktops to highly available virtual desktops that deliver superior end UX. SmartVDI™ facilitates complete desktop-to-data center vision and accountability, with purpose-built VMware® configurations and the broadest selection of Zero Clients. SmartVDI™ desktops are capable of handling advanced configurations with the same personalization features as regular PCs.

SmartVDI™ Benefits

High Availability Smart VDI

High Availability

  • SmartVDI™ incorporates VMware’s vSAN software which provides clustered storage and high availability (HA) across SmartVDI™ nodes for time and mission-critical environments.

  • Three SmartVDI™ systems establish a HA configuration using the vSAN software. If a failure of any one system occurs, virtual desktops are migrated to the remaining two systems allowing work to continue.

  • From a storage perspective, the vSAN storage implementation is always up and available if a node fails.

  • From a user perspective, like any normal SAN with VMware® HA, the desktops reboot on another host and users simply log back in.
Scalability of Smart VDI


  • As a converged compute and storage device, SmartVDI™ scales dynamically.

  • Once the HA core foundation is set up with as many SmartVDI™ hosts and the vSAN storage is accessible by all hosts, adding more users only means adding more SmartVDI™ nodes.

  • No external storage is required.

  • Each host contains the necessary hardware components and actively shares with other nodes in the environment.
Completeness with Smart VDI


  • SmartVDI™ hosts complement our Zero Clients, Blade PCs and Sentral single console management in CVDI and VDI projects.

  • As the first manufacturer to embrace PC-over-IP™ protocol, our detailed PCoIP knowledge produces a performance-optimized VMware-centric system like no other.

  • Hardware resources and SmartVDI™ systems are identically configured and matched to meet the user population application requirements.

  • Blade PCs and SmartVDI™ complement each other and utilize the same stateless, highly secure Zero Clients at the desktops for specialized needs in virtualization projects.

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SmartVDI™ Hardware Architecture

The SmartVDI host platform consists of three primary components, namely:

  • 1U dual Intel® Xeon® processors featuring SSD drives for caching, spindle drives for storage, dual 10GbE ports for fast network throughout and 64-512GB DDR4 RAM for hosting virtual desktops.
  • Options for multiple NVIDIA GRID™ Tesla M10 or Tesla M60 Add-in Boards and PCoIP Hardware Accelerators to cater to the most demanding graphically intense use cases. These are ideal for environments running simultaneous video intensive applications such as animation, data visualization or video monitoring. Up to two NVIDIA GRID™ software are supported per SmartVDI™ 1U rack mount system.
  • A range of dual and quad display Zero Client options.

SmartVDI’s scalable open stack architecture enables administrators to integrate the system into existing virtualization environments to target two main groups:

  • Specialized power user groups that require high powered graphics.
  • General audiences which include task and knowledge workers.
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