HP ThinPro OS

HP ThinPro OS: A Complete Set of Remote Solutions for Your Employees


  • Uses the PCoIP protocol to stream responsive desktop displays between virtually any host and end user device. Creates a smooth and seamless user experience while keeping your data and data processing in your data center (or in your cloud).
  • Host computers can be physical, virtual, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments and can run Windows®, Linux®, or MacOS®.
  • Endpoints (end user devices) can run Windows®, Linux®, MacOS®, Chrome OS®, iOS®, or Android® and include devices, such as a PC, Mac®, laptop, Chromebook®, tablet, all-in-one monitor, zero client, or thin client.
  • Does not require a VPN connection.
  • Anyware Standard is for users connecting to a host computer without a GPU.
  • Anyware Professional is for graphics-intensive applications with a connection to a host computer with a dedicated graphics card.

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• Signed OS components
• Read-only, locked and encrypted file system
• Data purge capability and reporting
• Support for hardware-based BIOS protection

Compatibility & Productivity

• Works with a variety of cloud computing solutions and unified communications platforms
• Supports multiple peripherals, network connecting options, and built-in multi media

Easy Management

• Easy-to-deploy, update, and manage devices
• Scalable
• Centralized management & monitoring
• Remote configuration
• Drag-and-drop interface

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HP ThinPro OS

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