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Gartner CFO Survey Reveals 74% Intend to Shift Some Employees to Remote Work Permanently
Work From Home 74%
1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021, Upwork survey reveals
87% Increase 87%
Remote work is ‘here to stay’ — even with a vaccine, says former IBM CEO
75% of Business Unsure How to Implement Cloud 75%
Business Continuity Is Everyone’s Concern

Remote Access Solutions

Secure, High Performance

Virtualization, Cloud, and Remote Work

Working remotely is not new, but with the sudden onset of COVID-19, users may be unfamiliar with it, and managers may not have navigated potential remote work scenarios yet. We are aware of the challenges you are facing and have designed solutions to support your business during these difficult times. The business advantages of implementing them are clear.

Evaluating your enterprise’s ability to maintain IT operations is a good starting point for company-wide business continuity efforts. Ensuring access to data and applications following COVID-19 is critical for employees to be consistently productive. Fulfilling the growing need to work remotely and stay operational by bringing resources and business-critical systems to staff working from home secure high returns in the long run.

Custom designed and engineered solutions by ClearCube address key challenges caused by COVID-19. Taking a broad view of global remote access for employees, ClearCube introduces unique solutions to put business and IT capabilities in place.

NOW AVAILABLE: ClearCube Work-From-Home Bundles

Starter Bundle

Starts At $99+ /User
  • CDMini Thin Client Key
  • Cloud Desktop OS with Management Console License
  • 12 months maintenance on OS

Basic Bundle

Starts At $320+ /User
  • Thin Client
  • Cloud Desktop OS with Management Console License
  • 12 months maintenance on OS

Graphics Bundle

Starts At $1000+ /User
  • CD9522M or CD9522P PCoIP Zero Client
  • Dual or Quad Host Card
  • Cloud Access or Cloud Access+

Pro User Bundle

Starts At $1300+ /User
  • CD9552 PCoIP Zero Client
  • Quad Host Card
  • Cloud Access or Cloud Access+

Access Solutions

Thin/Zero Clients and Amazon WorkSpaces​

Thin/Zero Clients and Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces enables users to access virtual, cloud-based, Windows or Linux desktops from Thin Client and Zero Client endpoints.

Thin Clients and Citrix Workspace

Thin Clients and Citrix Workspace App

Citrix Workspace enables access to desktops, applications, and data from Thin Clients that are fully compliant with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

WVD and Windows 10 IoT Thin Clients

WVD and Windows 10 IoT Thin Clients

WVD supports ClearCube Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Thin Clients and facilitates user access to remote sessions from anywhere.

Zero Client

VMware Horizon 7 and Thin/Zero Clients

VMware Horizon 7 provides users with a single workspace to securely access desktops, applications, and online services from any location with a Thin Client or Zero Client.

Teradici Cloud Access, PC Blades, and Thin/Zero Clients​

Teradici Cloud Access, PC Blades, and Thin/Zero Clients

Cloud Access leverages the computing power enterprises need in the cloud while allowing users to work from anywhere on Thin Clients or Zero Clients.

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