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Case Study DFW Airport

DFW International Airport

ClearCube Blade Server Workstation Computers support expansive flight information display systems.

Huckabee Architecture, Inc.

Huckabee Architecture, Inc.

Solution for one of the Nation’s Top Architecture and Engineering Firms.

FDNY Operations Center

FDNY Operations Center

Customers rely on ClearCube for solutions to mission-critical desktop problems –the need for High Availability, High Security, and Improved Interoperability.

LA County Fire Department

LA County Fire Department

A brilliant example of a collaborative technology project that delivers on all fronts — increased security, performance, reliability and doing a lot more with less.

Atlanta Retail Bank

Atlanta Business Retail Bank

For a leading retail bank in Atlanta, Georgia, hardened security is integral to providing superior banking services to the metropolis’ small and intermediate-size business community.

Civista Health

Civista Health

ClearCube outfits a 24/7, space-limited hospital with additional user access devices in order to accommodate the increased functionality of a new hospital information system and in-house business office

Clark Memorial Hospital

Clark Memorial Hospital

The hospital was especially interested in mobile computing technology and wanted to implement computing tools that would allow its medical staff to access data anywhere, in- cluding their remote clinic locations.

Credit Protection Association​

Credit Protection Association

Support a call center, client services department and network of remote programmers with a computing system that will enable faster application rollouts, higher uptime, simplified deployment management and hardened security.

Crew Associates Investment Firm​

Crew Associates Investment Firm

Previous to deploying the ClearCube solution, the investment firm installed the Bloomberg system on traditional box PCs. This platform proved to be unreliable and caused problems for the firm’s IT staff and investment bankers.

Dyfed Powys Police Department​

Dyfed Powys Police Department

The police department needed to minimize disruption of operations in a police command and control center by replacing box PCs with a more reliable, accessible and efficiently cooled computing system

F35 Training Program​

F35 Training Program

Luke Air Force Base Academic Training Center needed a desk- top computing solution for the JSF training classrooms. There were 5 different networks that needed to be accessed at differ- ent times based on a set training schedule.

Government Security​

Government Security

The goal was to provide high-performance computing at an Air Force F-15 testing facility while meeting government emission security (EMSEC) requirements for data security.

Morgan Stanley Trading Securities​

Morgan Stanley Trading Securities

After constructing a new facility in Westchester, New York, the firm wanted to outfit its center with a superior computing solution that provided both greater flexibility and reliability. Traditional PCs at their best can only offer 98% availability, which in a 40-hour-per-week environment equals approximately forty hours of downtime per year.

NORAD - Keeping National Air Safe​

NORAD - Keeping National Air Safe

Increase workspace inside a mountainside command center while decreasing support costs and providing users with powerful and ultra- secure computing tools.

William Backus Hospital​ Case Study

William Backus Hospital

As a rapidly growing regional hub, Backus Hospital needs to maintain its high level of patient care while ensuring that the technology infrastructure enhances daily workflow. The hospital was searching for a computing solution that would allow it to run the hospital efficiently and economically.

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White Paper Business Continuity During Unexpected Events

Business Continuity During Unexpected Events

Learn more about tools and technologies that would help you effectively transition to a work from home environment while maintaining business continuity and operational efficiency.

White Paper Get Your Head Into the Cloud

Keep Your Head In the Cloud

A Whitepaper on Understanding Secure Remote Work

White Paper PCoIP vs VMware Blast

The Benefits of PCoIP versus VMware Blast

A white paper comparing the benefits of the pcoip protocol vs any H.264 protocol.

Whitepaper Value of CVDI

The Value of Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

A Whitepaper discussing the value of ClearCube’s Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure.

White Paper Fluid Command Center

Building “IP Fluid” Cyber Command Centers

A Whitepaper for an Activu and ClearCube Solution.

Whitepaper CAD/CAM/GIS Computing Solutions

Why ClearCube for CAD/CAM/GIS Computing Solutions

A brief discussion of why ClearCube is a good partner for CAD / CAM / CAE / GIS / AV / 3D Engineering Workstation solutions.

Whitepaper USB Mass Storage Lockout​

USB Mass Storage Lockout

ClearCube Technology Provides Security against USB Borne Viruses in DoD Systems.

White Paper Sentral Management

Sentral® Management Software

ClearCube Sentral is a centralized desktop computing management solution consisting of desktop administration software and a connection broker that enables you to manage your entire ClearCube infrastructure.

Whitepaper Government Multi Level Switch

Government-Agency Multi-Level Secure (MLS) Desktops

VMware touts ClientCube with View for Multilevel Secure (MLS) desktops.

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