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These endpoints come with limited moving parts and have a longer lifespan as compared to regular PCs. By keeping maintenance and installation time to a minimum, they greatly reduce downtime and maintain consistent productivity across the workplace. They also save time and energy by allowing IT to configure and manage all connected devices from a secure and centralized server.

In a nutshell, Thin Client computing:

  • Simplifies and centralizes management.
  • Enhances security.
  • Decreases power consumption.
  • Offers lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Zero Clients represent the most secure, reliable and efficient means of delivering applications to users. No data is stored on the individual client and there is no native OS to infect. Users cannot copy sensitive data to removable media or install unauthorized software in a Zero Client setup. This device does not require any OS patches which can break applications and lead to downtime. All these features ease administration and ensure consistent productivity across the workplace. Furthermore, Zero Client solutions have a generous lifespan and with minimal hardware components, they dynamically decrease recycling and power costs.

ClearCube is the industry leader in providing centralized computing solutions. We were the first to manufacture a PC blade and move your desktop to the datacenter. That is our singular focus and all our Products as well as our solutions are designed around that. A manufacturer such as a Dell or an HP does a little bit of everything and when it comes to centralized computing are followers rather than leaders. For instance, ClearCube is the first company to partner with Teradici to bring PCoIP solutions in zero clients. The others just followed. In addition to this, now that they see saturation in the market, they are in the process of pulling out altogether. This still is and will remain ClearCube’s focus for years to come.

There are many things a Thin Client can do that a PC cannot, and the former is thriving in enterprise IT due to the vast benefits it offers. The biggest advantage is the low total cost of ownership (TCO). Businesses do not have to replace desktop computers so often because Thin Client computing offers a longer lifespan. Savings also arise from centralized management, improved security, easy maintenance, and low energy consumption. Thin Client devices can also withstand challenging conditions like production floors where noise, heat and clutter must be kept at a minimum. As a whole, they offer greater flexibility, control and efficiency over their thick client counterparts.

Zero Clients can be used by anyone, especially those looking to:

  • Eliminate IT frustration of managing and maintaining outdated and complex IT systems
  • Improve data security and integrity
  • Achieve near zero downtime
  • Lower IT costs

These endpoints can be used by anyone, especially those seeking to:

  • Eliminate IT pain and anxiety of managing and maintaining outdated and complex IT systems.
  • Improve data security and integrity.
  • Achieve cost-savings for IT infrastructure management.
  • Achieve high availability and boost system uptime.
ClearCube Technology’s headquarters in located in Austin Texas.

ClearCube offers every possible Thin Client device needed to support IT processes across a multitude of industries. The list includes financial services, healthcare, engineering, education, military, government agencies, and command and control centers. Our range consists of entry-level, standard and high-performance configurations for extensive use cases implemented by task, knowledge, and power users. Our Thin Client solutions also demonstrate VMware and Citrix compatibility, with each offering unique versatility and advanced functionality.

ClearCube takes pride on solving problems for the entire range of users in your organization, preserving as much American-made content in our solutions. ClearCube products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA.
ClearCube is ISO certified for both design and manufacturing.
Yes, ClearCube is a custom fabrication shop with ISO certifications for both Engineering and Manufacturing. Most jobs are built to your specifications with MOQ as low as 50 pieces, contact us directly for a quote on your next requirement.
ClearCube was founded in 1997 and has been producing high quality computer, endpoints and software for over 20 years.

Zero Clients require an Ethernet connection to a central server hosting software applications which users can access wirelessly or with cable. These devices send and receive computation requests via a network and only facilitate access to the applications available to them from the data center server. Decoding and display processes occur on dedicated hardware because of which these endpoints need minimal configuration and they boot up rapidly. Software updates for a Zero Client are few and far between and it consumes very little energy during full operation.

It fulfills all the functions you would expect from a regular PC. This device has a write-protected hard disk drive and it locally runs an operating system (OS). All data and applications are stored on a central server. It uses connection protocols to remotely access a desktop running on a virtual machine (VM) that resides on the server. As a whole, it is a simple device that is meant to build a secure and manageable IT environment.

It is important for your vendor to present you with recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of your unique business model and use cases. The perfect Zero Client offers just the right balance between cost and benefit, so TCO and ROI are key determinants in every profile.

Ideally, work with a vendor who provides a Free Demo unit so that you know exactly what to expect from a specific Zero Client configuration.

VDI is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, so the Thin Clients you use to support your virtualization environment depends entirely on your unique business model. At ClearCube, you will come across different configurations that flexibly meet broad use cases in all industries including healthcare, education, banking, finance and call centers.

Any business, regardless of size and industry, can leverage the benefits of this computing model for maximum performance in VDI environments. It is the ideal IT solution for those seeking to reduce multiple costs involving desktop provisioning, tech support, management and maintenance. It is recommended for companies and organizations where power users expect high-definition media, high resolution and full frame rate even over high-latency networks.

Regardless of size and industry, every business can use these solutions to streamline IT processes and transition smoothly to a VDI deployment. They are also highly favored in fast-paced and demanding environments where minimum clutter and maximum concentration are keys to business success. This is because these devices generate less heat and noise and take up very little office space. Also, these endpoints are useful in places where you do not want a dedicated IT staff to keep your systems up and running.

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