Work From Anywhere with VDI

Work from Anywhere with VDI

What are the advantages to a virtual desktop? If you have any plans to let your employees work from anywhere or if you have a need to consolidate and centralize the computers so IT has an easier time managing computers and all of the maintenance behind it; then your company should be considering virtual desktop … Read more

ClearCube for Today’s Government Environment

ClearCube for Today's Government

How ClearCube Benefits the Government The technological advancements of today continually present beneficial opportunities for users. However, this modern trend of impressive progress is also the mechanism that has created the increase in security threats and breaches that terrorize many businesses and organizations. This only intensifies the need for top-of-the-line security solutions that can protect … Read more

ClearCube for Emergency Response Call Centers

ClearCube for Emergency Response Call Centers

Federal, State and Local Governments of all sizes rely on ClearCube blade workstations to power Emergency Operations Centers For emergency operations centers to deliver assistance and situational awareness on every occasion, they require a computing environment that is highly reliable, flexible and redundant while optimizing the operators’ environment for high performance under stress. In addition, … Read more

Why is VDI Important?

Why is VDI Important

Why is VDI important? Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a revolutionary technology that many are familiar with but have never heard of. Words like “server” and “platform” can be confusing. To simplify it, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is a central location (data center) where the computers are hosted. This might be a physical location within … Read more

What is VDI?

What is VDI

What exactly is VDI? Imagine that you are in charge of a manufacturing facility with 90 workers. Every single worker needs a computer to run their part of the supply chain. Each worker is a different height and the facility itself is dusty, warm, and on hot days will have fans running to cool the … Read more

ClearCube Partner Enablement Training

Partner Enablement Training

Webinar Thursday, April 22, 2021 2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT 60 minutes VIRTUAL EVENT ClearCube Partner Enablement Training SAVE YOUR SEAT NOW! ClearCube Technology is an American based, innovative technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization, developing specialized VDI endpoints (Thin Clients, Zero Clients), Mini PCs, Blade PCs, and VDI software. What We’ll Cover: Who … Read more

ClearCube Technology has Been Selected by the United States Air Force as Their Trusted Zero Client Provider

United States Air Force Selects ClearCube Technology as Their Zero Client Provider

ClearCube Technology has been helping the US military solve their complex IT challenges with products that provide greater reliability, data security, centralized management, and optimized workstation ergonomics since 2004. The CD7522, CD9522, and CD9552 zero clients offer the USAF what they need to meet the demand of today’s digital requirements.

Controlling Collateral Damage During Covid-19

Controlling Collateral Damage During Covid-19

The emergence of new threats requires resilience and creativity for businesses and agencies. Considering the current situation, many businesses are in constant re-assessment mode to ensure the safety, scalability, and reduce the liability on their staff and operations. Work from home policies, canceled business travel, and the lack of face-to-face meetings have had immediate and … Read more

Desktop PC vs Remote Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Desktop PC vs Remote Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Coping with technology and security breaches in a constantly evolving business landscape requires organizations to manage their IT infrastructure more easily, efficiently, and securely. Taking this into account, the world where office work is almost always performed at a desk, via a company-issued laptop or computer, is rapidly declining. The availability of newer, more portable … Read more

Have No Fear, Remote Work From Home is Here

Have No Fear, Remote Work From Home is Here

According to SMB Group, 74% of SMBs had options for employees to work from home prior to COVID-19. (Impact of COVID-19 on Small and Medium Businesses Study) In the same study, only 1%-10% were working from home on a regular basis. Those that were lacking a telecommuting option had to implement them quickly and for … Read more

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