ClearCube Technology has Been Selected by the United States Air Force as Their Trusted Zero Client Provider

ClearCube’s CD7522, CD9522, and CD9552 zero clients were selected as secure endpoints for the VDI Zero Client category under the 2021 CCS-2 QEB Program.

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ClearCube® Technology, Inc. the first US manufacturer recognized as a leading virtualization company to clear the cube of heat, noise, and clutter with precisely custom designed and engineered hardware solutions, today announced that it has been selected by the US Air Force under the Client Computing Solutions Quantum Enterprise Buy (CCS-2 QEB) Program for 2021 to provide secure VDI Zero Clients in partnership with ID Technologies. 

ClearCube Technology has been helping the United States Air Force (USAF)  solve their complex IT challenges with products that provide greater reliability, data security, centralized management, and optimized workstation ergonomics since 2004. The CD7522, CD9522, and CD9552 zero clients offer the USAF what they need to meet the demand of different types of users within their agency by providing a highperformance user experience, uncompromised security at every level, lower energy consumption, and simplified desktop maintenance and management. 

 “The QEB contract award is an example and testament to the high-quality and adherence to the strict requirements of the Air Force. We are proud to be able to offer our devices and deliver high-value and reliable products in a competitive market, said Matthew Straiter, Director of Federal Sales at ClearCube Technology. “Our goal is to provide tools that help businesses and government save time, money, and resources, and we strive to make work simpler and more secure for Federal Government and Defense customers.” he added.

The CD7522 and CD9522, zero clients feature a Teradici® TERA2321 PCoIP® chipset, six USB ports, one DVI-I connector and one DisplayPort to support full-performance video on dual monitors, and one network port to deliver a highend computing solution over fiber or copper network with no restriction on distance.  

The CD9552 zero client features a Teradici TERA2140 PCoIP chipset, four USB ports, four DisplayPort connectors to support up to 4K resolution on dual monitors or 1920×1200 resolution on quad monitors, and one RJ45 network port to deliver a highend computing solution over copper network with no restriction on distance.  

All three zero client devices deliver a full-quality computing experience over IP and help centralize PC resources to a single and secure location, and allows traditional, dedicated 1:1 users to take advantage of hardware-accelerated with PCoIP chips to support legacy, mission-critical, and GPU intensive applications.   

With little to no processing, no storage, memory, moving parts, or operating system to patch and manage, these zero clients are highly secure, durable, economic, tamper-proof, and discourages theft and misuse. These units have native support for standard peripherals including multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, and audio input/output, as well as Wacom tablets, CD/DVD drives, and lowspeed USB devices. 

All ClearCube zero clients are TAA compliant and offer the security, performance, and flexibility agencies need to ensure productivity across different workgroups, maximize space, reduce IT maintenance hours, and save money.  

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About ClearCube Technology 
As a recognized technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization markets since 1997, ClearCube Technology is future-proofing IT in the workplace by engineering and manufacturing custom remote solutions. The widespread adoption of a ClearCube IT model at thousands of federal and commercial locations is based on our ability to meet cost savings and security requirements for use cases involving centralization and virtualization initiatives.   Recognizing commercial organizations also continue to have greater needs for data privacy, encryption, and seamless multi-platform access, the ClearCube strategy moves IT beyond an enclosed workspace to give businesses the freedom to have scalable, secure, flexible functionality anywhere.  As an ISO Certified American company, ClearCube also manufactures specialized Zero and Thin Clients and High-Performance Workstations.  For more information: 

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ClearCube Technology invented the centralized computing industry with the first blade PC and continues to drive centralized and virtualized computing innovation with the broadest set of specialized PCoIP desktop zero clients that connect to optimized SmartVDI compute/storage host platforms for task/knowledge users and PCoIP Blade PCs and engineering workstations for power and highly-specialized users. Many of the world's largest financial services companies, health care organizations, and government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Homeland Security, rely on ClearCube centralized computing solutions to equip their users with secure, efficient and manageable computing resources.

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