PC Repurposing: Use Cloud Desktop OS to bring your old computer back to life


When it comes to upgrading your IT resources to a virtual environment, everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. While PCs can be expensive to buy and upgrade, ClearCube offers a competitive and cost-effective way to extend the life of your IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. Using ClearCube PC Repurposing Software, you can now extend the life of your hardware by turning aging PC Endpoints into Thin Client terminals. What is PC Repurposing, you ask? Let us explain.

What is PC Repurposing?

PC Repurposing allows you to reuse your outdated hardware device (computer, laptop, etc.) instead of letting it remain under-utilized. Using Cloud Desktop OS, you can easily transform your old tech into a secure and centrally managed Thin Client and connect to any remote computer or back end system. Your organization can achieve all this at a very minimal cost. Cloud Desktop OS minimizes the pains and risks of switching to VDI environments, making it fast and easy for businesses of all sizes to immediately benefit from VDI client computing.

VDI Clients have a wide variety of uses and several industries benefit from this technology. These industries include Financial Services, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Engineering and many more. Jumping right into the VDI market can seem intimidating especially if you are not sure if your business is ready for a full-fledged setup. That’s where PC Repurposing comes in: it is an excellent way for any company to step into the VDI world without having to spend large sums of money. If your computer was made after 1998, it can be used as a Thin Client. Some of the benefits of repurposing your PC are:

  • Saves money over buying new PCs and supporting products
  • Easy setup and centralized management
  • Enhanced security and flexibility
  • Future proofs your desktop
  • Minimizes the pains and risks of switching to VDI environments
  • Build, configure, and control your entire Thin Client network from your browser
  • Supports a wide range of connection protocols such as VMware® PCoIP & Blast Extreme, Microsoft® RemoteFX and many more!
  • A single OS for all your hardware (PCs, laptops, and Thin Clients)
  • Automatic client updates over the network

How it Works:

By simply downloading Cloud Desktop OS onto your PC, you can use it as a terminal to connect to any remote computer or back end system.

How do I know if my PC is compatible?

Cloud Desktop OS works on every PC and Thin Client built after 1998 and it requires minimal hardware to run. This includes:

500 MHz

128 MB RAM

IDE or SATA hard disk

VGA graphics adapter

Ethernet network interface


The IT world moves fast and PC Repurposing allows you to allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest tech developments. By repurposing your PC to access Virtual Desktops, you save money as you are now able to reuse what you already have. Moreover, you can take advantage of the benefits of Centralized Computing and Desktop Virtualization without investing in substantial VDI infrastructure.

To learn more about the Cloud Desktop OS capabilities, please visit our Info Page.

Also, would you like to see our Thin Clients and Zero Clients in action? You can try our Free 30 day Demo by signing up here.

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