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Some of these workstations are out-of-stock and will no longer be manufactured. We have options!

About ClearCube

ClearCube Technology has been a leader in high-quality, long-lasting zero clients from the beginning.  Our devices are trusted as the go-to secure endpoints for tens of thousands of end users in military branches, government offices, embassies, defense contractors, emergency response operations, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure facilities.  

ClearCube's SRW rack mounted workstation provides exactly what IT professionals are looking for today, in a smaller chassis than the Precision series from Dell.

Precision Workstation Alternative

The ClearCube SRW Rack Mount Workstation

SRW front 1

The ClearCube SRW rack mount workstation model above has a rugged metal housing and can be configured to meet your requirements.

Whether you have questions or are ready for a quote, our friendly team is available.

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